wave dreams – a poem

wave dreams

last night I had a dream

that I lived in a house on the ocean with my family.

there was a big storm and the sea was angry

at sunset it was beautiful; a true painting

I remember I grabbed my phone to take a picture

the waves were rolling in and you couldn’t tell

what was cloud and what was wave.

but when the sun left, the sea got angry

it crashed into our house threatening to take it down

but we stayed put

as each wave crashed into the stone foundation

the house sat on

it started crumbling and I thought of my sisters

tumbling down into the raging waters.

we will never survive, I thought

but we did.

we somehow made it in the car and drove away

as it can only happen in dreams

when you can drive away when your house

sits in the middle of the ocean

that’s when I knew it was

only a dream.

this morning I woke up scared

a little

but still remembered

that beautiful sunset so perfectly.

although its not on my camera roll

its image is still

burned in my mind.

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