Loving Lately – a list

What are you loving lately? Below is a list of my favorite things/feelings as of late.

  • vanilla lavender lattes from Sift

Ooookay, first off there is this French inspired bakery in Mystic (about a 20 minute drive from me) and I dream about it on the daily. I went this past weekend and tried their new Vanilla Lavender Latte and fell in loove, so much so, that I drove out of my way to go before work yesterday morning. It makes me so happy and reminds me of Paris and reminds me that people love to have their daily rituals (which for lots of people is drinking coffee) and I’ve never resonated with that because coffee does bad things to me (anxiety, dehydration, etc) and so since coffee is a special treat for me once in awhile, I am loving this special one from the best bakery/coffee shop in this area.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
example of one of Sift’s decadent pastries

I got these cards a few weeks ago because I felt like they were calling me. In the past, I’ve only exclusively used my Moon Deck for guidance/affirmations, but I am loving this deck as well. The cards are beautiful and have a very intuitive/spiritual vibe. I keep pulling the same card – Answer the Call which is so appro for me at this stage in my life.

  • Waking up at 5 am to work out

Okay, this one is a catch 22, because while I don’t LOVE waking up in the dark to move my body, I absolutely love when I get off work at 5 pm and DON’T have to go to the gym and work out. Getting it done first thing in the morning just frees up my day and my happiness to make better use of my time. I haven’t been super consistent with this because it. is. really. hard. to wake up at 5, but every time I have, it was completely worth it.

  • doing school, lessons & homework for B-School

I’m in the middle of B-school right now by Marie Forleo and I’m realizing something I always knew but kinda lost touch with in the post-grad world. I LOVE SCHOOL. I realized that while I love learning, the reason why I love school so much is because I love feeling productive and when you have lessons and worksheets and homework to complete, it’s very easy to track your progress & success because once you’ve completed the lesson, you can move forward! You feel like you’ve done something! You can stop worrying if you “did” enough because again…you finished the lesson!

I was thinking about that this morning and now that I am aware of specifically how school helps me, I’m realizing I can structure my business/to-do’s in the same way. I often get lost, mostly because I’m not sure of the next step, and then feel really guilty for not being productive enough, but if I am able to view it as “homework” with specific, actionable to-do’s that will help a lot.

  • learning guitar

As you know if you read my March Manifestations, I am learning guitar! I’m taking a weekly group class with 5 other people and I am loving finally being in a class where I can progress (again, I love school). I pick up on things easily which feels good and guitar is really kind of like a weirdly shaped piano that you hold, so I’m loving getting back into music and my scales and using that part of my brain again.

  • the soft drums of springtime & summer

It is amazing what some sunshine & good weather can do for your MOOD, body & SOUL. Since I live in a coastal new england town where most things are closed for the winter time, having a few places start to open up again in preparation for summer is making me so happy. Summertime is also a busy & happening place at the theater I work at and I’m excited for all of the events & fun & beach time. Hallelujahhh. I’m looking forward to spring flowers, hikes, and of course, beach. always beach.

  • getting the most out of each hour in my day

With B-school, building my coaching biz, and memorizing and rehearsing my one woman show (coming to NYC next month) all happening on my side hustle, I have a lot of different things going on, so I am focusing on getting the most out of each hour of my day. I am kinda loving filling my days from start to finish with how I can be the most productive with my time. Got a half hour here? Why not get some stuff done. This also proves to me that I really thrive most when I am busy and preoccupied with following my purpose so I don’t get caught up in existential dread.

  • juicing

the boyf recently bought us a juicer and we’ve been having so much fun making yummy vegetable juices. While I am DEF not on that celery juice craze life, this morn I had a beet, carrot, apple, and ginger juice. so yum, easy to make, and relatively easy to clean.

  • If Pretty Hurts, Ugly Must Be a Muhfucka – by Tori Sampson

So this is pretty specific, but I recently saw this show at Playwrights Horizons in the city and absolutely loved it. It was so different than any other theater experience I’ve had. At one point, the cast was literally having like a rave/club moment on stage and I was living and was surprisingly one of the few audience members dancing along (loosen up people). Such a fun show with such a powerful message. love, love love. This is the type of theater I want to create.

There ya have it! Comment below with some of the stuff YOU’RE loving lately!

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