A list of bad habits or things that don’t serve me

I just binge-read two of Rachel Hollis’ books Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing.

I may be late to the game here but I just discovered her and love her practical, “if you work hard enough you can achieve anything” advice.

She teaches you how to let go of old habits that aren’t serving you and form new ones that will set you up to be the most successful you can be.

This has me thinking about all of my habits that don’t serve me.

On one hand I hesitate to make this list because some of these habits I wasn’t even fully aware of until writing this list and some I don’t have the desire to change at all, and I’m sure some habits are still hidden there in my subconscious without me even realizing that I’m doing them, but for the sake of self-growth and discovery I’m going to list all the habits that don’t serve me and well…make me the imperfect human that I am.

  • I never wash my face. Like ever.
  • I never make my bed.
  • My room is always messy. Clothes are strewn all over the place. You can’t really walk without stepping on clothes, books, journals, loose leaf pages, etc.
  • I try to take on way too many things at once. I have a hard time just picking one thing and sticking to that one thing. I like to have like 5 things going on at once so that when I get tired or frustrated by something, I can “take a break” by working on something else. On one hand, this keeps me productive, but on the other I’m starting to question if I am “giving up” too easy. If I were to stick to one thing and push through when I got blocked or frustrated would I achieve better results?
  • I equate my worth with my productivity.
  • I always feel like I have to be “doing” something and I always feel like I’ve never done enough.
  • To that note though, I can rarely work on something for hours at a time. I usually work for a few hours and then let it go. Like something will be bothering me and I’ll work on it for an hour and then be like okay, next. But should I be working on it for 8 hours and then will I feel like I’ve “done enough?”
  • I always forget to floss.
  • I eat candy in the office when I get bored.
  • I can rarely say no to free food. It doesn’t matter if I’ve already eaten, am full, and don’t really like what it is. If it’s free, I will eat it.
  • I have a hard time asking people for help. I like to do things my way and independently.
  • I downplay my successes and feel uncomfortable when people compliment me.
  • I never let people know how much I truly care about my dreams. I act like it’s just for something fun, or a side project, and when they ask me “what’s new?” I reply “oh, same old, same old” when there’s been projects and ideas burning in my heart & mind for weeks and it is very much NOT the same old, same old.
  • I mindlessly scroll through Instagram when I am avoiding something, want to tune out, am bored, etc and will get sucked in and then feel guilty for wasting time.
  • I feel guilty for not calling my mom more.
  • I tend to give up as soon as it gets too hard.
  • I like to do things fast and try to get it done as quick as I can.
  • I am extremely selfish. I don’t like to do anything that inconveniences me for the benefit of others. If I’m not getting ANYTHING out of it, I will either do it anyways and be secretly super annoyed the whole time, or will flake out.
  • I have a hard time saying no to people so I will deflect and always agree and be like “yes, I’m down” and then either not show up, or not answer their texts, or flake very last minute.
  • I give people advice that I should be taking myself.
  • I think way too much. I worry about the future. I daydream about the past. I escape the present way too often.
  • I fall into the trap of “when I do this, I’ll be…” or “when I have this, I’ll feel…” instead on focusing on the here. and. now.

A big part of me is like, wow, I have to change all these habits right now! But again, that’s me always taking on way too much. And most of these habits I don’t really have the desire to change, i.e. I’ve always had a messy room, why would I clean up now? Will it change my life? Will it help me think clearer? Will it inspire me to be a better person? What if I don’t want to change?

Whether those be thoughts of resistance or not, Rachel’s book has really got me asking all these questions and re-thinking my habits and if they ARE serving me to be my highest self.

The only answer I can come up with, is that it’s up to YOU. I don’t need to suddenly start cleaning my room because Rachel Hollis said so. But maybe I’ll clean my room, to see how it makes me feel. If there’s a positive, then maybe I will let go of the old habit of taking my clothes off and throwing them on the floor and instead take the time to put them away…one by one.

Consider what’s important to you and start there. Right now, making my bed doesn’t feel as important as learning how to stay more present or start to ask people for help and admit that I DO need help.

What are some of your “negative” habits? What are some things that aren’t serving you that you could work to let go of?

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