My Experience with Past Life Regression

Hi love!

I recently did a past life regression therapy session and wanted to share my experience in case you were thinking about doing the same.

Past life regression is something I had been thinking a lot about for about a year now. I had looked up people that do it in the area but knew I wanted to do it with someone I felt like I had a matching energy vibe with.

I had heard of Maha Rose, a healing sanctuary in Brooklyn from someone I follow on Instagram, Alexandra Roxo and found a practitioner named Shauna Cummins who did past life regression therapy as a form of hypnosis. After researching both Shauna and Maha Rose, I knew it was a match.

It cost $185.00 and I felt like I needed to do it when the time was right.

The time became right a few weeks ago. I had just spent a soul awakening weekend with one of my oldest and dearest soul sisters and knew I had to learn more about my soul.

People kept asking me, what do you want to get out of a past life regression?

I was open. I had no idea what I wanted to get out of it other than the fact that I was curious. I was curious what other lives my soul had led and I just wanted to get more in tune with her journey and why she came to this life.

I entered the cute space in Brooklyn and immediately felt like home. They have a crystal shop, tarot cards, very modern new age spiritualism.

Shauna brought me into a tiny little room with a massage bed and a small table and two chairs.

After talking about what I hoped to get out of the session, she told me to close my eyes while sitting down on the chair. She asked me to go to a space where I felt comfortable – my happy place.

I immediately pictured myself in front of the ocean, my toes dug in the sand, with palms stretched wide open, receiving the energy of the universe from the ocean.

She had me root my energy down into the earth and feel the energy come from both my energy field and the universe.

I saw our energies in this constant cycle of give and take. It was a circle of movement and I very clearly saw myself at the edge of the ocean, breathing in the salty air, feeling the sun on my skin, and giving and receiving energy.

She then brought me on the massage table with my eyes closed and told my soul or higher self to go deeper. She kept saying, go higher, go deeper, go higher go deeper.

I saw my soul  enter this realm where there was a long line of light beams it was as if this long line of light beams represented my soul’s journey thus far and I could enter each light beam and see a new life.

She asked me to imagine myself at the beginning of my current life – at the moment of my birth. She asked – where are you? What do you see? Who are you with? What do you feel?

At that moment, I started to feel myself spin. My heart and mind gave into the anxiety of the anticipation of the unknown and I felt myself spinning, spinning, spinning completely out of control. I was immediately gripped in fear and thought “this was a terrible idea, i don’t think I can go through with this, what will I uncover” but I knew I had to surrender and trust, surrender and trust.

With the loss of control, I was kind of like okay fuck it lets go on this ride, I can’t control what will come up, let’s just see what happens.

She brought my soul higher and higher until she had me enter a door.

What do you see?

I entered a door that was covered in ivy leaves and immediately got fairy, woodsy vibes.

I looked down at my feet and saw dirty, feet as if I had spent all day in the mud running around.

II noticed my right hand was clutching an apple. I took a big bite out of it and stood there, enjoying the crunch and the taste and sensation of the apple.

I looked to my right and saw a cat staring at me. We were friends. She just stared.

I had non-linear visions of me running through the grass, collecting berries and mushrooms.

She asked me to go the place where I lived – my home. I didn’t see clear faces, but I was in a kitchen that looked like the Weasley’s home in Harry Potter. There were lots of people there – my big family and we were gathering around making and eating food.

It was a bit chaotic, but it was home. It felt warm, inviting.

I understood I was a child.

She asked me “what was the greatest love you received in this lifetime?”

I immediately saw a baby boy sitting at our family table. He had golden curly hair. I looked into his eyes and was overcome with such a strong sense of love.

This was my great love in that lifetime. My baby brother.

She asked me to go to a safe place in that place. A place where I felt comfortable and could be myself.

I saw myself reading by the fireplace, snuggled into a reading nook. It was simple. I was happy.

She asked me what was my great regret in that life –

and I saw myself again, running through the grass, foraging for berries and mushrooms and playing by our river near our house.

My baby brother was with me and he fell in and drowned. I couldn’t save him.

I understood now, that I had been carrying around the guilt of feeling like it was my fault that my baby brother had died. I understood that that burden plagued me for the rest of that lifetime.

She asked me what the happiest day of my life was and I saw myself getting married to a real woods man. I wanted so badly to recognize him as someone from this lifetime, but I didn’t recognize his soul. He was kind, but I haven’t met him yet in this lifetime.

She asked me what skills I had in that lifetime.

I saw myself in the kitchen, kneading bread, making food for my family.

It was simple. I was happy.

She asked me what it looked like when I left that lifetime – when I died.

I saw myself in bed, in the same house, surrounded by my loving children and my loving husband. I was thinking of being reunited with my baby brother.

I had lived a good, simple, happy life. My one big regret was carrying around the guilt of losing my baby brother, but I had so many kids to replace that hole in my heart.

I was utterly surprised by the simplicity of the life that I had experienced. Before going under the hypnosis, I thought I would have died in some tragic way, or lived some life in grandeur in a palace or what not.

But instead, I lived a simple life in a hut in the forest, spending my days as a child eating berries & mushrooms, and spending my days as an adult making bread and taking care of my children.

I was surprised by how sweet and simple it was.

She told me that people are always surprised what comes up. It’s never what is expected.

I told her about how I had the spinning episode before we went really deep and she told me that it was probably fear trapped in the body that needed to be released.

After, I felt lighter. I had released the guilt of feeling like its as my fault for losing my baby brother, and although I had no conscious awareness of carrying around any “guilt” in this lifetime, I knew that I felt lighter. My heart felt more open. The weight on my chest had lifted.

I understood that my baby brother in that past lifetime was my little brother in this lifetime, and my mom in that lifetime is my mom in this lifetime.

It was something about looking into their eyes and seeing their souls. They just felt familiar.

I had wanted to find an ex boyfriend in one of my past lives to explain the connection that we had. But I didn’t find them.

I told her I had expected for my life to be more dramatic, I was surprised it was so simple.

She told me that the soul will reveal to you what you need to know in the moment.

I needed to learn the lesson of releasing the guilt and feeling the love and community of my tribe around me.

I needed to know I was loved and supported.

That was the message I needed to carry with me at this current moment.

I was surprised also that we only went through one lifetime, but again the soul will show you what you’re ready to know. And we only had an hour and 15 minutes.

I will definitely want to do a past life regression again, but again only when the time is right.

The soul knows what you need to know.

It will all be revealed to you as you need it.

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