Reflections & June Intentions!

happpy juuuune, y’all.

I feel like I’ve been neglecting this bloggy space for a bit because I’ve been so focused on building my business, but I really love doing these monthly intentions as a way to just check in with myself, reflect on the past month, think about what I want to focus on and cultivate for the next month!

I hope you enjoy reading them and I’d love to start writing and posting a bit more creative stufffffz. I have found myself a liiiitle bit creatively blocked the past couple weeks, but mostly because I haven’t been giving myself the time & space to really listen in and feel that.

Let’s reflect back on May!


The biggest thing I did in May was go to Hawaii for the first time with my mama, sister, and her baby boy.

It was the most beautiful, mermaid nourishing, manifestation lovin’ week in the gorgeous island of Maui. I have a blog post/travel guide about it that I will be posting soon, so look out for that!

It was truly an expansive trip for me, meaning what you see is possible, you believe is possible so that you can manifest more of it.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, feel free to check out Lacy Phillips, manifestation teacher extraordinaire who explains all about how important expanders are in manifesting!


Right before we left for Maui, I was with my mom and two sisters and we got to talking about my upcoming plans for the next chapter in my life.

While I won’t go into too much detail because I’m still not sure what I’m going to do, they REALLY got me thinking about what I need to do in this next step.

I have a few options before me – one option is the plan that I’ve been going with for the past year and have been really looking forward to it while also, slightly scared. It is definitely the risky, LEAP AND THE NET WILL CATCH YOU, option, which is terrifying but also maybe necessary?

The other option is a much safer, comfortable, secure option where I could continue to build the foundation and safety net myself.

The choice between these two options has been on my mind the past few weeks and it feels like a really BIG decision. When talking with my family, it was clear the second option was the better choice, but when I’m slowing down and listening to my intuition, I know my heart & soul is calling for the first option.

I’ve been trying to get advice from every single person I know and trust and so it’s been a very indecisive time in my life.

I am hoping June will bring me CLARITY on this particular path and know that the universe will always have my back no matter what choice I make.

Again, sorry for the vagueness, but I will definitely let y’all know when I end up making the choice!!


I’ve been focusing a lot of my creative energy on my creativity coaching practice!

Part of the reason I haven’t been blogging on here as much, is because I started to do mini blogging sessions on my new creativity coaching instagram @the_modernmermaid.

Check it out if you feel inclined! It’s focused on talking about creativity, spirituality, and whatever else I’m up to.

If I’m being honest, the reason why I’ve been feeling a bit blocked is because I am trying to find that balance of the masculine/feminine in my business.

In other words, when I’m too focused on the strategizing, planning (for example, scheduling out my insta posts and making sure it’s on topics that relate to my brand & my niche, etc) versus just posting whatever comes to my head like I do on this blog and talking about things I’m doing/things I like just cause.

While sometimes the structure can actually encourage creativity so you’re not all over the place and don’t know what to post, other times I feel like it squashes my good ideas/impulses because I’m worried about the people I’m reaching and if it’s “focused” enough.

I think part of the reason this blog started and why I’ve loved it so much for my own creativity outlet is that it’s just for me. I’m not worried about building an audience and I’m not even sure people read it, so it’s truly just whatever I want to talk about.

Since taking B-School and learning more about marketing (something I was soo in the dark about before) is that you really do need to have a specific audience in mind and then cater whatever you’re doing to that audience.

In other words, it doesn’t matter much what you want to create, you have to listen to your audience, and then create something that caters to their specific needs.

This conflicts with my creativity, because I truly believe you just need to create from the heart and just trust that whatever is coming through you is meant to come through you and the people that need to hear it will hear it!

As you can see I’m having conflicting thoughts about marketing/business vs creativity and I’m just tryna figure it out as I go.

I have been doing a lot of coaching calls which have been really exciting and fulfilling and just gives me more and more confidence that I am meant for this work!

If you happen to be reading this and would like to do a free intro call, you can check out my coaching website:


I was focusing a bunch on my money mindset this month. I did Kathrin Zenkina’s money manifestation challenge. It’s just a workbook that you can work through for 21 days. I’m linking it on amazon here in case you want to check it out!

It was a great workbook and it was nice to have something I did every day that grounded/connected me.

To be honest though, after some conversations with my mom and some inner reflecting, I’m re-thinking the whole mindset of “create your own reality, you can manifest anything you want” philosophy.

It gives me the impression that you are the sole creator, which isn’t necessarily true, because I do believe the universe has a larger path for you and sometimes things don’t happen for you that you’ve “manifested” because the universe knows what’s up and has something better in store for you.

It’s also saying that whatever happens to you is your fault. Good or bad. Which again, I don’t believe because I think whatever happens to you is the universe’s way of teaching you the lessons that you needed to learn.

So, also some conflict in my mind on that front. Interesting stuff…

I’ll end this may reflectionz with some of the things I’ve been liking/reading this month!

  • Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza
  • This is Marketing – Seth Godin
  • Unleash Your Inner Money Babe – Kathrin Zenkina


  1. Book my first paying client for my creativity coaching practice!
  2. Create a consistent workflow for my business that works for my schedule.
  3. Go to the beach. Take walks more often.
  4. Start doing Joe Dispenza meditations.
  5. Grow my Instagram following so I can CONNECT with more conscious, creative souls that could benefit from the stuff I am sharing.
  6. Stay present and connected at work & enjoy all the art & creativity it has to offer.
  7. Take a ME night at least one day a week!
  8. Enjoy family/grad time in California this month for my brother’s college graduation
  9. Your creative soul comes first.
  10. Clarity on the next steps. Listen and let yourself be guided. You don’t have to know all the answers. The universe won’t make it hard for you, so don’t make it hard on yourself.
  11. Allow my art to be seen.
  12. Quiet the external noise. Go deep. Listen. The answers are already within you.
  13. Try more creative writing. Paint pictures with your words. Tell your story.
  14. Enjoy New England summer!!! Lots of ice cream, winez, beach time, fun, lobstah rolls, fun with my babez.

If you’ve read up to this point, THANK YOU! and let me know you’re here! I’d love to hear any thoughts & intentions you may have for this upcoming month!

Happy SUMMER ❤

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