the universe gave me something better than being a millionaire – a lesson on synchronicity & having faith

okayyyy, I have been receiving MAJOR messages from the universe lately in the form of numbers and lottery tickets and I have to share with you all to remember the magic of synchronicity, to trust the universe, and to receive the messages the universe is trying to give you.

let me start from the very beginning.

this is a very STRANGE story about lottery tickets…

first off, up until a few weeks ago, I have only bought ONE lottery ticket in my life – on my 18th birthday simply because I could.

ever since, the thought of buying a lottery ticket NEVER crosses my mind.

Let me also start by saying that my angel numbers are 2’s and 4’s. I ALWAYS look at the clock at 4:44 and 2:22 and always take it as a sign from my angels.

I know I’ve written about number synchronicity before, so if you’ve been following along then you know.

anyways, about 3 weeks ago, I was watching the news at the kids I babysit’s house because they always play the news in the morning and they were saying how one of the major lottery jackpots was up to $444 million.

this caught my eye because 444 is one of my angel numbers. I took that as a sign that I should pick up a lottery ticket later that day, but then I went to work and completely forgot about it. like completely forgot.

then, after work, I was going for a run and passed by a car parked right near my house and their license plate – I kid you not – was 444!

I was like, oh shit, the lottery ticket, so I drove straight to the nearest gas station, bought a lottery ticket for $4 and ended up winning $2 and the winning number that I matched that won me the $2? IT was a 4.

So I was like okayyy, cool, angel numbers I see you, but whatever, didn’t think too hard about it.

but it doesn’t stop there…

Then, last week I received an email from my vedic astrologer from his weekly astrology column and in my weekly horoscope it said “there may be a lottery winning” and I was like hold up- a lottery winning? strange, that I’m receiving the message AGAIN, but whatever I’ll get a ticket, maybe I’m destined to be a millionaire.

(*cue dreams about quitting my job, traveling the world, buying a house in laguna beach and living my creative, flowy, beachy dream life forever rolling in the dough*)

The same day, I was flying to California for my brother’s graduation so I was like okay cool, I’ll have to remember to pick up a lottery ticket at some point.

So, the last day I was in CA I hadn’t gotten one yet and my sister and I were walking by a 7-eleven and she wanted to stop in so I was like great, I can pick up my lottery ticket now.

As soon as we got to the door there was a handwritten sign on it that said in all caps NO LOTTO, so I go in and I’m like – wait why aren’t you selling lotto tix? and the guy was like they cut some wire today so we can’t sell them today and I was like okay universe, NOTED, this is not the place for me to buy it.

So, I fly home to Connecticut, and yesterday I was meeting my boyfriend for dinner and decided that I wanted to buy a bottle of wine for later.

So, I stop at a random package store to get a bottle of wine and see that they sell lotto tix so I was like hey, I’ll buy one, why not.

I assumed that I could pay with a debit card because you can do that in California and as I took it out to pay they were all “you can only pay in cash”

and I was like, well I don’t have any cash!

but then I remembered I actually had 2 $1 coins and so I bought a $2 ticket.

then, later that evening, I got into a semi-fight with my BF which actually ended up being a great lesson where I realized that I need to stop pushing, controlling, and just start allowing and truly LETTING GO.

so, after we came to our conclusion and kissed & made up, he snored off to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep…something was keeping me awake.

so, then I was like ooh yea the lottery, let me see what the numbers were.

so, I google it and the numbers below were:

12 14 22 24 48 21 


First off, have you EVER seen so many 2’s and 4s???? like they are ALL a combination of it, AND the first number is 12 and the last is 21 which is my birthday.

take it as you will, but I took it as the universe was directly speaking to me and while the message was NOT that I had won the lottery, but was truly a message from the universe saying “hey, slow down, we got you, you’re in good hands, just trust, have faith and LET GO”.

It was very profound because the message could NOT have been more clear.

Trust. Have faith. Surrender. Good things are coming. You don’t have to have all the answers. Just let go. Allow. Have fun.





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