Bullet Fridays – Merm Version or “a snapshot of my life”

I was inspired by Tim Ferris’ 5 Bullet Fridays to do my own “however many bullet” Friday’s because I can’t just limit myself to 5 😉

I also love doing these because it gives a pretty good “snapshot” of my life of what I’m drinking, reading, listening to, watching to, getting inspired by, etc.

  • Wine I’m Drinking:

Cabernet Sauvignon
I have always been a super sweet-anything-that-doesn’t-taste-like-alcohol wine drinker.
My go to’s are Rose or Moscato or a sweet white like Sauvignon Blanc – but recently I had a glass of Cab Sav and I can’t get enough.
Drinking red wine makes me feel like a real adult and I’m like omg I must be growing up.
  • Book I’m Reading

City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert
Currently reading her newest after spotting it at the airport!
She inspires me SO much as a person who is wholeheartedly committed to living a creative life and her book, Big Magic is everything.
HOWEVER, I’m not loving it yet, mainly because it’s hard to get into because I can hear her voice very clearly and it’s taking me out of it. But, hopefully I will finish it soon!
  • TV Show I’m Watching

The Bachelorette
Y’all know my obsession with the Bachelor…which is funny because a year ago I thought it was the dumbest, most misogynistic show ever, but now I am for real borderline obsessed.
I also hated Hannah B during Colton’s season and was really disappointed that she was the next bachelorette, but this whole season got me screaming YAS girl like she has been SO open, honest, direct, no bullshit, I’mma tell it how it is.
Watching her has made me feel more EMPOWERED to tell it like it is and don’t bullshit around and just be direct about what you want in a relationship.
Never thought I’d say this, but thank you Hannah B, you da real deal.
  • Historical Person I’m Researching

Ella O’Neill
I’m recently learning more about Ella O’Neill – Eugene O’Neill’s mother who lived a pretty tortured life.
She was addicted to morphine and dealt with mental illness & grief her entire life.
I became interested in her because I actually live in her old house and apparently she still haunts it and the house next to mine…I find it freaky, fascinating, and also really sad that she’s been suffering after her death as well. Sending her good vibes ❤
  • Fave Person I’m Following on Instagram

Janne Robinson
I just discovered my new FAVORITE feminist artist/poet/coach.
Janne writes from her heart with long instagram captions and inspires me as a fellow artist/coach.
I just bought her poetry collection “to the women who don’t give a fuck” and feel like she’s literally speaking directly to ME so I can’t wait to get my hands on it.
  • Favorite Creativity Tip

I have been feeling a little blocked over the past few weeks and I’m learning that being open & free & in the creative flow vs becoming blocked is really such a rollercoaster process.
Even with all the work I’ve done to “unblock” it still happens from time to time, the difference is that now I have an arsenal of tools called my “creative toolkit” that I can reach inside and help me anytime I come against a block.
Currently I’m experiencing a lot of thoughts and good ideas but am having trouble
a. finding the time to sit down and write them and
b. worrying about not getting them right so stopping myself before I even get started…
sound familiar? 
What’s helping ME overcome this block is the method of writing down my favorite things so I’ll just start writing random words, phrases, things that are going on in my life to trigger thoughts/feelings/emotions that eventually turn into a cohesive poem – or not! and that’s okay!
This way it takes the pressure off and becomes more fun and inspired!
  • Place I’ve Traveled To

I went back to my SOUL home last weekend for my younger brother’s college graduation from UCLA.
IT was so amazing to be back in SoCal and I realized I NEED to live either in Malibu, Laguna Beach, or San Clemente at some point in my life. I literally feel SO at home there.
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
photo taken in Malibu ❤
  • Lesson I’m Learning

I explained this about my crazy message from lottery tickets the past week here, but I am REALLY getting the message to
1. Trust the universe
2. Let go of control
3. Surrender and have faith
4. It’s not about the circumstance or experience, it’s about the feeling you want to have.
Feeling lucky & grateful as ALWAYS to be living this life and sharing it ❤

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