Lessons Learned from Mama Maui – Travel Guide to Maui, HI

MAY 2019 marked my trip to Maui, Hawaii with my mama, sister, and her baby boy.

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living my best hawaiian merm queen life

It was my first trip to Hawaii EVER which has seriously been a life long dream of mine for as long as I can remember.

I came here really open to receiving whatever healing and manifestations mama Maui wanted to bring me. I’ve heard of the intense energy centers on the islands and couldn’t wait to experience it for myself.

As soon as we got there, I felt like I was in some sort of tropical Disneyland of vacations. The land almost didn’t seem real.

We checked into our hotel, Andaz, and it was seriously one of the most deluxe places I’ve ever been to. A place literally from my dreams! Infinity pools overlooking the ocean while they greeted us with fresh lavender lemonade and taking our bags from us while giving us the honorary “leis” and puka shell necklace for baby Lucah.

place of my DREAMS

We got there in the later part of the day – which being on East Coast time (Hawaii is 6 hours behind) felt pretty dang late.

We ate our first dinner watching a hula show from afar and seeing the glorious sun set.

unfiltered, unmatched beauty

I still couldn’t believe it was real.

The next morning, I woke up at 4:30 am because jet lag and couldn’t wait to start exploring the beach.

So, I walked down as the world was slowly getting lighter with my journal in hand and flip flops in the other.

my room key – a sign?! I’m 24 and CREATIVE is my 2019 WORD

I meditated on the beach as the sun rose and was acutely aware of this deep, heavy energy of the island. It felt like something was pushing me into the ground and I could barely muster the strength to lift my arms up.

It wasn’t a bad feeling, it was just super intense and heavy.

After my meditation, I took a long walk, reveling in the fact that this was my life! I was in Hawaii walking on the beach!! This is my life!

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dreams do come true

The rest of the week was spent waking up early to meditate & journal by the ocean, going for a mid morning swim, snorkeling or stand up paddle boarding, going off the resort with my family for some lunch excursion and exploring the island, then back to the hotel for more swimming and lounging, then dinner, then a sunset swim, a little yoga, and then relaxing and playing with my baby nephew.

I can honestly say it was one of the most deluxe weeks of my LIFE. I felt like a queen.

A few places/activities we did/went to that I would recommend:

Maui Plantation Tour

-this tour was super fun and I learned a lot about the native and non-native plants that grow in Hawaii! all the coconut, pineapple, papaya, macadamia nut knowledge you could ever want. The land is also really lush and beautiful and okay, I just can’t get over how pineapples grow! so adorable

frolicking through pineapple fields
baby pineapples are the CUTEST
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banana, banana

Maui Brewing Company

-if you’re into beer, you should check out the Maui Brewery Company tour. They have a good lunch place here too. I’m not so interested in beer so it wasn’t my favorite, but they do serve a really good house-made ginger ale.

Mama’s Fish House

-my mom wanted to take us here and my sister & and I were hesitant because of the expensive prices, but I can honestly say it was 10000% worth it. The view alone of this place is worth every penny. We saw sea turtles swimming in the water and enjoyed cocktails, apps & desserts, so we didn’t even spend that much. Their food was incredible and the whole experience felt so hawaiian. I loved every second.

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view from Mama’s Fish House
my sister & baby nephew
This mermaid chocolate dessert was a true dream.


Exploring Paia

We explored this cute town. It’s very hippie & spiritual with organic grocery stores, yoga studios, etc. They were advertising plant medicine yoga – bring your own cannabis that made me lol. Being in this town made me feel like this is where the “locals” hang out which is quite a different scene than being at the resort and being surrounded by tourists on vacation!

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rainbow over Paia – the cutest hippy town

Shaved Ice

you can’t visit Hawaii and not try some of the shaved ice. The first one I tried was more like a snow cone and then the second at Ululani’s was very different – the ice was so finely shaved that it really tasted like ice cream!


Stand Up Paddle boarding

confession: I went to school in Orange County for 4 years and it was one of my goals to sign up for stand up paddle boarding yoga since they offered it at our rec center. well, 4 years went by and I never got around to doing it – so what better place to try it then in Hawaii? It was actually really fun! Definitely hard to get your balance at first especially if the waves are choppy, but once you get the hang of it, you’re fine.


okay, I was OBSESSED with the sea turtles and saw them everywhere. I felt like the sea turtle whisperer. I snorkeled looking for them and got caught in some rough, choppy waves and got scared so decided to turn back to shore and RIGHT as I got back to shore a sea turtle swam right past me. I felt like they were rewarding me for listening to my intuition and not to mess with powerful, mama Maui.

We also found them on Maluaka Beach and Black Rock Beach!

selfie with the sea turtle – I LOVE THEM SO MUCH
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decadent desserts & sunset at Andaz at Wailea
dubbed myself “fauntie” for the week = fun auntie
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playing in the water
receiving the LOVE
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lunch views


and finally…I impart with you some Maui wisdom because there is no denying she is POWERFUL and MAGICAL.

Lessons learned from Mama Maui

  • there is a light and dark side to everything
  • respect the ocean
  • don’t go in when its rough, wait til it’s calm – or don’t push when it’s hard, let go, allow, release, and go back in when it’s easy
  • if you get scared, just ride out the wave. don’t make any rash decisions.
  • pedal faster to get more balance
  • the sea turtles will come to those who seek them. they will reward you for listening to the ocean.
  • if it’s raining, drive 10 minutes in any direction and you will find, clear, blue sunny skies
  • come flow with me
  • listen to mama maui, respect her.


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