adversity makes you fuck better – a poem

I can tell how much adversity someone’s faced

By how good of a lover they are.

The straight white male who grew up

with the white picket fence and mom and dad

and high school sports is always the worst

Not because he doesn’t care,

but just because nobody has ever taught him how 

He goes through life thinking he’s the best

He’s making you cum

He’s not

It’s up to us to speak up

The straight white male who grew up poor,

single mom, dad died young, had to grow up fast

to care for his mom whose slew of boyfriends walked through the door

each getting more abusive than the last

He’s an attentive and caring lover

He knows what a woman is

He knows how to take care of her

He makes you cum

Every time

He doesn’t even know he’s good at it

All he knows is it’s part of his job.

The older middle eastern man

who grew up rich in his country

He fucks like he’s the king

He expects you to please him

It’s never crossed his mind

that a woman would want pleasure too

She exists to make him cum

and be both the dirty whore

and the devoted and faithful servant

Both the slut and the saint

She must bend with his fantasies

And she can’t tell him what she wants

Unless he demands it from her.

The Colombian fucks like an adventure

He knows how to enjoy life

He doesn’t make you cum

He tries

Oh believe me, he tries

He fucks all night long

You don’t have the heart to tell him

That while it’s been great fun

The pounding

The changing of positions

The fuck from the couch to the floor to the desk to the kitchen sink to the fridge to the table to the bed 

Has been fun…really fun

But it won’t make you cum.

You need the soft

And the slow 

To open up


And make you


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