floating – a poem

I float underneath stars

letting the north star be my

focal point

because it’s the brightest and biggest

and it seems to be right above me.

The water moves like black silk

and I let myself be carried.

With each breath, I let go

and relax deeper

and deeper

into my bed of waves.

Underwater, I can hear frogs and cicadas

from the marshy seagrass

I am deaf to them above water

but when my ears are submerged

I hear the whirring and the clicking

discovering the vibrant life of

of noise and nature.

sound must travel faster in water

for it astonishes me that I can’t hear anything

when my head is floating above

in the outside world.

I must have learned that in middle school

science class

but have since forgotten.

it’s amazing to relearn what we already know

to experience it first hand

floating in the dark sea

instead of sitting in black desks and staring at white smartboards.

I continue to watch my north star

and make shapes from it’s neighbors

allowing the stories and beauty to unfold

allowing myself to go deeper

release and let go

breathe in and breathe out

in rhythm with the water below me.

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