i am the sun & moon – a poem

the sagittarius in me wants to travel and explore, leave without notice and explore both the inner and outer world of sandalwood incense and cypress trees and markets in morocco and oceans in australia. she wants to experience and think deeply. she wants to know herself from exploring outside herself. she wants to go deep. deeper than the bottom of the ocean and see the truth in others reflected in herself.

the cancer in me wants to be held. she wants to find home in another’s arms and never feel alone. she can see people and know them instantly. she thinks in feelings, not words. she indulges in hot baths and ginger tea and lavender essential oil and feels her way through the cycles of the moon. she listens and has to constantly remind herself to stay in the present.

the libra in me is headstrong. she works hard and is determined and knows nothing will get in her way but herself. she is the one who dreams of princes and rose petals and who smiles sweetly at anyone who passes by, who is both the doer and the be-er and who strives for finding balance of the two in her life. she is the one who always feels the need to say yes and likes to leave the decisions up to the universe.

i am both the traveler and the homebody. I am both the wanderer and the explorer. I am both the go-getter and the meditator. i am both the creator and the consumer. i am both the sun and the moon. i am both. i am. i.

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