24 Lessons I learned at age 24

It’s my 25th birthday and I’m so grateful to have another year of life on this beautiful journey.

24 felt like a game changing year.

It’s the year I really decided to stop playing small and go after the things that I want. It’s the year I had to deal with my feelings of shame, guilt, unworthiness, and self-doubt.

It’s the year, I chose MYSELF and made the big decision to leave my stable, comfortable job that gave me free housing and rent in a beautiful artistic community by the beach where the love of my life lives and chose something bigger, because I know I’m meant for more, and I have to trust and follow that.

Here is a big list of 24 things I learned at age 24. I hope some of this will help you on your journey. It’s written how I think, stream of conscious and messy, but I’m not editing and giving myself permission to be exactly who I am. No frills attached.

So, enjoy, and hope you can recognize that my truth is your truth, because we are all mirrors of each other. Thank you for seeing me ❤

  1. feel the fear and do it anyways. fear is just another emotion. it’s not a reason you should NOT do something, it can actually point us in the direction we need to go. listen to your fear. make friends with your fear. you have the ability to alchemize your fear.
  2. THE BIGGEST LESSON. life is meant to feel good. it’s meant to feel pleasurable. follow what you love. your desires are your compass.
  3. we all feel fear. we all feel resistance to doing the work. we all feel like frauds. we all feel afraid of our potential. know that its human and not a reason to keep playing small
  4. just trust. surrender and trust. the answer always. when in doubt, just trust. it is all working out best case scenario. all you have to do is know your WHY. Let the universe take care of the HOW.
  5. it’s okay to be alone. our culture is so afraid of being alone. spending time with YOU and reconnecting you is the absolute most important relationship you can cultivate.
  6. I learned how easy it is to play small and be comfortable and live a comfortable life forever and can easily see how people get stuck in the trap of “work until you die” and never explore or do anything else, but if you feel the call, you have to answer it. it can be scary and uncomfortable, but there is so much joy and LIFE waiting on the other side of that scary leap.
  7. you can rewrite any story you have. there are no such things as “shoulds” even though society has brainwashed us with shoulds since birth. you can literally rewrite any should you have. it’s your story. you get to be the one to author it.
  8. it’s scary to follow your own path. it’s easier to conform to society, but if you want to live out your purpose on this earth, you need to be the light bearer which will illuminate the way for others to do the same. be the path paver. it’s worth it.
  9. doing less is really doing more. you can busy yourself with 100 different things and not get anything productive done. the feeling that you need to be productive or busy in order to be worthy is a lie fed to us by society. you can do an hour of aligned work and  get way more done than a thousand and one busy tasks that are really just you avoiding what you’re actually meant to be doing. alignment feels easy. let it be easy. it doesn’t have to be hard.
  10. YOU LIVE LIFE IN CYCLES. that means that sometimes you’ll feel like doing all the things and its easy to get in an hour workout and you feel on top of the world and have so much energy and just feel like you’re crushing this game called life and other days you can barely get out of bed and just want to sleep all day and read books. LISTEN. If your body wants to lay in bed, then lay in bed. If your body wants a croissant and not veggies, eat the croissant. Trust that it’s all a cycle and if you HONOR the cycle, that when you live in alignment with the cycle. it’s when we resist the cycle that things go wrong and we push and force. NO, never push and force. there is always a time and place for everything, so don’t let your brain freak out
  11. the biggest obstacle to happiness and success? spoiler alert: its nothing external. its not your job, the place you live, your friends, the way you grew up, its YOU. we keep ourselves from being happy. even when things are going GREAT, we worry and fear that it won’t last long and the worst is yet to come. relaxing into the joy can be REALLY HARD. but know that you are WORTHY OF FEELING THIS MUCH JOY. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BE HAPPY. AGAIN, LIFE IS ALLOWED TO FEEL THIS GOOD.
  12. everyone in your life is just a mirror to yourself. if you feel like someone has wronged you, try looking inside yourself and seeing the ways they reflected what you don’t yet feel about yourself. did someone make you feel small? in what ways are you still making yourself feel small? forgive the inner child. it’s not about them, its about you.
  13. it’s the simple little things in life that bring the most gratitude and contentment. fruits, the ocean, warm hugs, getting a coffee in the morning before work, reading really good books. surround yourself with the simple things and allow yourself to feel the joy in them.
  14. when you feel lost, just do the next right thing. the unknown feels like a dark scary place, but just take it step by step and slowly the path will be illuminated to you.
  15. you don’t need to know the answers. you’re allowed to just explore from a place of curiosity. you’re allowed to be a seeker and not a searcher.
  16. you don’t need permission from ANYONE to do what you want. not a degree, other people, a job, whatever it is. you are the only who can give yourself permission. so, just do it. give yourself permission.
  17. trust in the gifts you were given. you were given them for a reason. your gifts are not better or worse than anyone else’s. you don’t need to be jealous of other people’s gifts, because it has nothing to do with  your gifts. there is room for everyone.
  18. invest in yourself. when you step up, the universe steps up with you. you are worth everything you desire and more.
  19. there is no such thing  as an overnight success. everyone starts from level zero. appreciate where you’re at NOW knowing it’s a journey.
  20. share your dreams out loud. the more people you share them with, the more likely they are for them to come true.
  21. it’s a blessing when someone shares their story. the human experience is universal, so if you’re worried nobody will relate, its a lie. you being brave enough to share your experience will only help others. if you’re afraid of judgement, it’s a lie you’re telling yourself to keep yourself small. if you’re judged, then its just a reflection of the person judging and has nothing to do with you.
  22. the energy of orgasms is the same energy as love, creation, universal expansion. you can access it anytime, anywhere. same with creativity. its all the same energy. it’s about getting out of your own way to be able to access them.
  23. allow your emotions to rise and fall. they come and go. nothing is forever. everything is a continuous cycling of energy.
  24. delight in life. allow it to delight and surprise you. stop feeling the need to control and manipulate everything. relax, let go, and have some FUN because that’s what life is about. what a joy it is to be alive.


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