Food Guide to Canggu, Bali

Hii my loves.

I’ve been meaning to post this since DECEMBER and haven’t gotten around to it, but we’re finally doing it! A long awaited FOOD GUIDE to Canggu, Bali.

If you know me, you know how much I love FOOD and going to cafes and trying all the food is one of my top 5 favorite things to do.

Since spending 3 weeks in Canggu, Bali AKA food heaven cafe galore, I wanna do a little food review in case you ever find yourself there and need all the recs!

Here we go:

I Am Vegan Babe


Definitely my top choice. I came here like at least 6 times and always left super full of the most delicious food. If I could eat here every day, I would be a full on vegan, for sure. The vibe is so perf, they are constantly playing Jack Johnson, and the upstairs area is a great place to get some work done!

I loved their coconuts, refreshers (get the lime, mint one!) and this incredible asian inspired bowl with fake chicken.


Also, their desserts. I tried the cinnamon bun and wow, you will not be disappointed.


Give Cafe

This is Kynd Community’s sister cafe (located in Seminyak) which you have to check out! The best part about this place is that its 100% non-profit and all of their proceeds go to a charity. Once you pay for your food, you get a little token and can choose who to donate it to (people, pets, earth). I chose people, because I believe in our people the most 🙂

I got this veggie burger and a coconut of course. Very delish, cute vibe, just a bit small!


Shady Shack

This is one of those “famous on insta” places and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t that impressed. I ate here twice. I got the nori nori bowl which was okay and then the “vegan cheeseburger” one day when I was CRAVING a burger, but it all fell apart and the “vegan cheese” they promised was just mustard…honestly if you’re craving a burger, then go to Peloton. Maybe there are other things on the menu that are delish and I just didn’t try, but IMO, Vegan Babe (next door) is 10x better.


The Loft

another, “famous on insta” place, which was okay. It reminds me a lot of Bluestone Lane in NYC. I got the avo toast and a beetroot latte. All good, but nothing to write home about, although they do have the cute famous pink wall you see all over insta.


Motion Cafe

It took me awhile to finally eat here because they’re all about “fitness” inspired “paleo” foods and I’m more like, just gimme a coconut and some vegan toast, but I ended up here one morning and got a sweet potato waffle with all the fruit. It looked and tasted liek a dream, but the sweet potato waffle was def very thick and filling that I couldn’t finish it all (and I’m someone who almost always finishes their food).

I also got the “slim” tonic which was pineapple, cinnamon, and water, and it was not my jam. I shudder just thinking of the taste, lol.



A little out of the way from the main road in Canggu, this cafe is connected to Chillhouse which is a yoga and surf retreat. I definitely recommend eating here after a yoga class! I got the My little pony which was this DREAM of a chia seed bowl. Honestly, so good. I will be dreaming of this for months. It’s also poolside so a lovely place to spend the morning and chill!

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Crate Cafe

This is THE spot to go for all the Aussie, hip surfer people. This is a cash only place with smoothies, juices, breakfast omelettes, toasts, etc. They actually have a lot of meat options (like with bacon) so since I was sticking to my vegetarian diet, there wasn’t much I could eat.

I probably studied the menu for like 30 minutes trying to decide what to get because it is HUGE. I ended up getting this pea toast, which was okay, but their chia parfait is a DREAM. Def recommend getting this.


Peloton Supershop

Everyone said the waffle fries were the best, and they were right. This was another LOVELY spot to do some work. I felt like a little writing fairy. I got the black “chicken” sandwich and it definitely hit the spot when craving some healthy “fast food”.

Def recommend.


Kynd Community

okay one of those “famous on insta” places that 10000% LIVES UP TO THE HYPE. One of the best restaurants I went to. I went twice (had to go on my last day) because there are soo many things from the menu I wanted to try, but just didn’t have the stomach big enough for it!

The first time I went, I got a latte (first time having coffee in months) and literally 2 sips made my hand start shaking, so then I had this delish lime ginger lemongrass refresher which was so refreshing and then I got the paradise pancakes. I’m more of a savory than sweet girl for bfast, but I couldn’t resist with these pancakes and they did not disappoint. So unique, so flavorful, so delish. The coconut cream on top was just the perf touch.


The second time I came here, I tried the pumpkin toast and nutella toast and the pumpkin toast was some of the best toast I’ve ever had.

I was so full after, but then ordered MORE toast to go so I could eat it for lunch. I got the smoked salmon toast, which is really shaved carrots and coconut cream cheese and wow, again, my mouth is watering just thinking about this toast. Seriously best toast I have ever had.

All vegan. All adorable. Amazing vibes. You must check it out.

Also, next door they have an ice cream shop/boutique and it boasts the best book collection I’ve ever seen! And I def got this mermaid topper for the pic. The ice cream wasn’t all that great, but def worth it for the pic.

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Clear Cafe

Clear Cafe has it’s original location in Ubud, which I checked out when I was there and loved the earthy vibe of it! I went in Canggu and it was pretty empty. I treated myself to a full course meal and got the jackfruit toast, thai iced tea, and finished it up with dessert (coconut ice cream & brownie).

The jackfruit toast was really great. The thai iced tea was not. And the dessert was so yum (I love coconut ice cream)


Another really health-conscious place AND they have a slide, so after you eat, you can slide down to pay your bill 🙂 So fun.


This deserves a mention because for the price of $30 you can rent a daybed FACING THE OCEAN with a pool and multiple pool bars AND the cost of your daybed all goes towards the price of your food…I can’t think of a better deal than that. I had such a relaxing and luxurious day here, eating all da food.

I wasn’t drinking alcohol during my trip, so this is a Canggu tonic which is made of rosella and dragonfruit.


Sand Bar Cafe

Located on Batu Bolong beach, I gotta give some love to this spot, since I spent almost all of my evenings chilling on their bean bags, listening to the live music that plays everyday from 5-7 pm, watching surfers, and the sunset.

They have nice big coconuts for only 25K (about $1.80), yummy juices, and the food is pretty decent.

You’re more paying for the ideal spot to chill and watch the sunset.

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Warungs mean “restaurant” in indonesian, and here is where you can get local food for CHEAP!

I pretty much only ate nasi goreng which is fried rice or mie goreng which is fried noodles. They are always so cheap and come with these like fish style crackers. I had some that were better than others, but some days after indulging all day I just wanted to spend like $1 and this meal was the perfect, CHEAP, and filling meal.




Go to Bali for the food. It’s beautiful, but I can’t think of any other place in the world that has so much high quality vegan, healthy food. It is the mecca for sure of all the delicious and beautiful EATS.

Let me know if you try any of these if you find yourself in BALIII!

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