coconut carcass – a poem

coconut carcass

Coconut carcasses lay in the black sand

while the heavens

paint a picture of violet soft serve ice cream.

Australians catch their last waves of the day,

foaming at the lip of infinity.

Stars start to twinkle from the other side of the island,

the city lights up

And here on the beach,

the humans

bring out their own personal stars from their pockets

as the light from their cellphones illuminate their face.

They burn their dried leaves, tasting its fragrance

and share salty kisses in between bites of French fries.

The local man turns on a lamp

to showcase his cart of grilled corn

and the multicolored lights twinkle

over saggy, sun faded bean bags.

I am effervescent

neither here nor there

I’m simply existing in the middle

The in between

It doesn’t matter if I go left or right,

either road

will be a road





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