July Recap & August Intentions

Hi my loves,

I’m feeling called to do a little heart spill july recap/ august intention setting post as I process all the shifts and beautiful miracles that occurred this past month.

This month fleww byyyy and it was the first month since quarantine started that I really felt called to set intentions. I feel very aligned and on purpose with my path and want to update you on the big things I’ve been focusing on and want to focus on for August!

Hosting Writing Magic

I hosted my first group workshop series called Writing Magic. Every week, myself and six other beautiful women gathered to meditate and write from our hearts. Every intention I had for this sacred space manifested into reality and after 4 short weeks together, we all felt a sense of community, inspiration, truth, and vulnerability. It was a beautiful experience and reminded me of the power that I have within me to create and hold space in this way.

Here are a few testimonials from the workshop that I’m holding onto with gratitude for the women who showed up for me and themselves.

There was some interest in continuing the group, so I think I’ll hold another session in August so stay tuned for that…

Exploring Radical Awakenings

One of my intentions this month was to explore Alexandra Roxo’s online membership site, Radical Awakenings. I’ve been following Alexandra and her work for years and she really inspires me as an artist, coach, and healer. Her new book, Fuck Like a Goddess came out last week and as part of the pre-order bonuses, you got access to her membership community for free. I love the membership and the content that Alexandra channels so much that I signed up for a second month! So many awesome lectures, courses, meditations, and embodiment practices to try.

I finished her book in just a few days and I loved what she had to say about healing traumas and limiting beliefs.

I feel like limiting beliefs is a buzzword in the spiritual community and I never really “got it” until reading her book.

The idea is, is that the wounds that we don’t heal we pass on to our children which then get passed onto their children and so forth. If we don’t have the bravery to really look inside ourselves, heal our unconscious & conscious limiting beliefs then we are unconsciously choosing to carry that story throughout our future generations – whether we like it or not.

When we talk about “the work”, we talk about doing the work to make yourself conscious of which limiting beliefs you are carrying and to face those beliefs so you can transform them and alchemize them into a new story.

Working with a coach

I also took a big leap and am working one on one with a coach for the very first time! I have been craving some sort of mentorship for the last TWO YEARS but every single coach I spoke to was either well out of my price range or I did not vibe with and I felt like I didn’t “need” a coach and could just do it all on my own.

After just a couple sessions, it’s already felt so nice to have a set time scheduled with someone where we can talk about whats going on with me and my goals with my life & business. My coach is also very knowledgeable & skilled in human design so I’ve been learning a lot about that new system. It’s been really cool to give myself permission to be exactly who I am which I feel like human design encourages you to do. I’m a generator with sacral authority so it makes a lot of sense to me why I love following the things that light me up and generally feel that full body YES come from my sacral center. (and why I’m so aligned with making my life’s work about feeling my pleasure & abundance & creativity – hello everything that has to do with the sacral chakra 🙂

Learning to Read the Akashic Records

I’ve also been learning how to read the akashic records after reading the book “How To Read the Akashic Records” by Linda Howe. It’s been a cool way to connect with something larger than myself and get specific guidance from my guides. Connecting with my spirit guides on a deeper level and being able to channel them has been a journey I’ve been on this past year and learning how to access the akashic records definitely feels like the next step on my journey. My goal for August is continuing to open the records and getting to know them & understand them better.

Reclaiming the Wild Voice with Peia

I signed up to take Peia’s singing course on “Reclaiming The Wild Voice Within” this month after I first listened to her during my ayahuasca ceremony. As soon as I got home, I looked her up and saw she was offering a course called “The Wild Voice Within” and I was like sign me uppp. What’s even more synchronistic is that she actually went to school with my oldest sister and they’re good friends! What a beautiful example of divine signs ❤

So far, we’ve learned an ancient Celtic song in Gaelic which has been SO FUN. If you don’t know, I’ve been in musical theater my entire life and my voice has always been my greatest joy and also my biggest source of vulnerability. It’s been so beautiful to connect with my voice in this different way

Less scrolling on social media

I was doing really well with my intention to go on social media less because I was really needing to do that to protect my energy. I set a time limit on my phone to one hour a day and for the first half of the month I was barely hitting my hour! However, now I’ve been feeling my energy is back and I’ve been wanting to engage on social media so I feel my scrolling has come back a bit…

Will re-commit to this intention for August. It’s currently a Sunday and I’ve been out running errands all day and decided to leave my phone at home for a very screen-free Sunday and it feels really good.

More Joyful Movement

July had me moving the most I have since quarantine began! During quarantine I had zero motivation to work out, but the combination of the nicer weather and just feeling more aligned on my path again has me wanting to be more active. I’m proud of myself because I’ve done it in a very no pressure way and have just been listening to the needs of my body. Somedays I only go for a walk and other days I go for a walk, do a 20-30 min HIIT workout or an hour of yoga, or swim laps in the ocean.

Books I read in July:

Fuck Like a Goddess by Alexandra Roxo

-highly recommended for any spiritual, creative women committed to doing the personal, healing, transformative work to FEEL & BE the goddess you already are

Writing For Bliss by Diane Raab

-I feel like this author and I are kindred spirits. We both love personal writing for healing & transformation. A great, accessible read for anyone interested in writing with some beautiful prompts to try.

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

-how had I never read this in my HS english class? Maya is a gorgeous writer and I loved hearing her story & the way her beautiful mind works. It’s easy to read & opened my eyes to a different part of American life.

Pleasure Activism by Adrienne Maree Brown

-all hail the QUEEN that is Adrienne Maree Brown or simply amb. This book is a collection of essays, poems, interviews, and more all about following our PLEASURES and making social justice & activism FEEL REALLY GOOD. I feel like this needs to be required reading for everyone right now, especially in this current moment we’re in during the wild year that is 2020.


& now let’s set some intentions for August

Work on my Russian play for 15 minutes every day

I am taking a writing course with Kristin Hanggi (my idol) and it is all about working on our creative projects  by just committing to 15 minutes every single day. This is a project I’ve been wanting to write for the past 3 YEARS (I literally found a note on my computer from Sept 17, 2017 with ideas for this play). It’s the true story of how my mother grew up in Communist Russia, met my father and then immigrated to the states.

I was placing such a creative block and pressure on myself for this particular creative project because I know exactly what the story is (and usually my writing process is to figure it out as I go) and I envisioned it as a play and I have no idea how to tell a story through dialogue. I have committed myself to writing a super shitty first draft by just committing to 15 minutes every day and I already feel so much more creatively open & inspired. I can’t wait to see where I’ll be with it at the end of this month!

Launch The Creative Soul Podcast!

Another super special project I have in the works is…launching my very own podcast! This project feels completely divine as it was not something I was planning to take on but it’s one of those things where you feel the whisper of inspiration and then it just keeps getting louder and louder until you can no longer ignore it. So, I’m listening and I’m doing it! It’s an interview based podcast where I will interview creatives on their process, routines, and thoughts on creativity & spirituality. I’m already so excited about it because it combines my love for reaching out, having deep conversations, and being able to share that with anyone who wants to listen! We already have a few episodes recorded and I can’t wait to make it official this month.

Host the Second Session of Writing Magic

Hosting the first round of Writing Magic was such a joy for me and the participants that I can’t wait to gather for another round! If you want to explore your creativity through writing in a sacred space of other creatives and want to be guided though various creative prompts and exercises to spark new inspiration then consider joining us for our next round! You are guaranteed to feel like your creative cup has been filled & your artist soul has been nourished after these sessions 🙂

Books To Read:

The Journey Of Souls by Michael Newton

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk

The Sophia Code by Kai Ra

The Diary of Anais Nin by Anais Nin

Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler

&& there you have it, my loves.

What lessons have you learned lately and what are your intentions you’re setting for this next month?

Sending you all my love!

xx Leya


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