my favorite self-care practices

how do you self-care? self-care can look different for everyone. It's not about following what's popular on instagram (the cliche; taking bubble baths, although I do LOVE myself a bubble bath). self-care is about tuning in deep into yourself and figuring out what you NEED, what makes you happy, what fuels your soul, mind, passion, … Continue reading my favorite self-care practices

A list of Questions

1.Why does space determine significance? 2. Why is it so difficult to ask for help? 3. How is it that we so often feel alone in our experience, no matter how many times we learn that we are not? 4. Why is it so easy to forget? 5. How can the sun rise and set … Continue reading A list of Questions

a note on negative

I don't like watching scary movies. I can't really handle anything negative because it really affects my mood and my thoughts. I've never understood how people put themselves through this torture of watching other people be tortured, killed, etc. Yet, people love the thrill. They love the mystery, horror, and adrenaline. I just started watching … Continue reading a note on negative

A lesson in balance

I am learning to trust the ebb and the flow. I am learning to trust the balance. The entire month of December caught me straying far from my normal routine. As I had settled in to my new post grad life, I had developed a pretty good daily routine that I was happy with. After work I would … Continue reading A lesson in balance

23 – A Thank You Note.

Today marks my 23rd revolution around the sun. Today I woke up and watched the most glorious sunrise on the shortest day of the year. I ran towards the beach giddy with joy and danced among the fiery sea. I stood in stillness watching the sun slowly rise, the scene quickly changing from one moment … Continue reading 23 – A Thank You Note.

22 Things I learned at age 22

My 23rd birthday is less than a week away and so I’m taking this time to reflect on the past year and what I’ve learned from it all. Luckily enough, my birthday is so close to the end of the year that this is pretty much what I have learned in the year 2017. Let … Continue reading 22 Things I learned at age 22

Merm’s First Blog Post

Welcome to my blog. A space where I simply want to be able to create and share. This blog has been a long time coming. I've always loved to write in an unfiltered, stream of consciousness type way. I love to think deeply about life and the universe. I love to muse about various topics including but … Continue reading Merm’s First Blog Post