Yoga Teacher Training pt. 3

Good morning loves and happy Diwali! Today is a special Indian holiday, called the "festival of lights" and people have decorated their houses with colorful string lights all over and keep shooting off loud fireworks throughout all hours of the day and night that sound like gun shots to me (the joys of being an … Continue reading Yoga Teacher Training pt. 3

an apology

I have felt stuck Hiding from myself Distracting myself from Flow I have felt stifled Silenced I am the only one in my way Telling myself I am no longer Artist Dreading making my Heart Words Soul Visible. This is my reminder to myself That I am always artist I am always life I am … Continue reading an apology

Merm’s First Blog Post

Welcome to my blog. A space where I simply want to be able to create and share. This blog has been a long time coming. I've always loved to write in an unfiltered, stream of consciousness type way. I love to think deeply about life and the universe. I love to muse about various topics including but … Continue reading Merm’s First Blog Post