Artists Way – Week 12

This weeks focus was on recovering a sense of faith. First of all, I've made it to the end of the course! I'm super proud of myself that I never gave up and continued to commit to the practice. It has definitely changed my life in the best way and I've leaned the importance of … Continue reading Artists Way – Week 12

Artists Way – Week 10

This week's focus was on recovering a sense of self-protection. The chapter was all about focusing on where we block ourselves. We turn to alcohol, food, drugs, work, or sex to distract ourselves from what we're really supposed to be doing. I sort of knew immediately that I distract myself with all of these things … Continue reading Artists Way – Week 10

My Experience Nude Modeling

Last Thursday, I marked off a major bucket list item. I modeled nude for a figure drawing class for the first time.  It's something I had been wanting to do for a long time (hence bucket list item) but the opportunity came to me quite serendipitously. I had a friend who was signed up to … Continue reading My Experience Nude Modeling

City Guide to Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland is a city full of flowers hanging from windows, pubs with plenty of beer to go around, and is surprisingly rich with artistic and literary history. I spent a little over 24 hours in this charming city and had a fulfilling and relaxing time. I chose to go to Dublin, purely out of … Continue reading City Guide to Dublin, Ireland

Reflections from the Summer/WHERE I’VE BEEN ALL THIS TIME

Hiiiii, long time no see. Or long time no write. This summer and the past few months have been quite the whirlwind and so I have regretfully neglected this blog, but now the summer is OVER and fall is coming and I'm so excited and ready to get back into my routine of sharing on … Continue reading Reflections from the Summer/WHERE I’VE BEEN ALL THIS TIME

afternoon tea – a poem

afternoon tea at 11 am on a sunday in scotland afternooon tea at 11 am on a sunday when the city is still slowly waking up. warm scones spread with clotted cream and fresh jam are mouthwateringly good paired with a selection of the most delightfully descriptions of tea. "a blend of Indian assam and … Continue reading afternoon tea – a poem

the power of theater

(all we're looking for is a little more empathy) Theater holds the power to reveal and then heal. Stories are told and then sold to make a common connection to cause pause and serve as a reflection.   Hold a mirror up to society and soothe some of our anxieties. Hope we change our behaviors … Continue reading the power of theater