Artists Way – Week 12

This weeks focus was on recovering a sense of faith. First of all, I've made it to the end of the course! I'm super proud of myself that I never gave up and continued to commit to the practice. It has definitely changed my life in the best way and I've leaned the importance of … Continue reading Artists Way – Week 12

Artists Way – Week 11

This week's focus was on recovering a sense of autonomy.  This week was all about owning your title as an artist no matter how "successful" your art is or not. An artist is a creator and a creator must create. There was also a great section on MOVING your instrument aka your BODY to help … Continue reading Artists Way – Week 11

Artists Way – Week 10

This week's focus was on recovering a sense of self-protection. The chapter was all about focusing on where we block ourselves. We turn to alcohol, food, drugs, work, or sex to distract ourselves from what we're really supposed to be doing. I sort of knew immediately that I distract myself with all of these things … Continue reading Artists Way – Week 10

Artists Way – Week 9

This weeks focus was on recovering a sense of compassion. It was all about forgiving yourself for being creatively blocked in the past and recognizing that words like laziness and procrastination are actually fear in disguise. "Use love for your artist to cure it's fear" - Julia Cameron This week felt like a breakthrough week … Continue reading Artists Way – Week 9

Artists Way – Week 8

This weeks focus was on recovering a sense of strength. I read Julia Cameron's creative memoir, Floor Sample, this week which was really enlightening. Her life is so interesting, but the part that struck me the most is her uncanny ability to channel creativity. She describes how she started writing musicals literally just by hearing … Continue reading Artists Way – Week 8

Artists Way – Week 7

This week was focused on recovering a sense of connection. Julia Cameron talks about inspiration and how it's not something we have to "think up" but rather something to get "down", that it's always available when you need it. This week was a little difficult for me and I'm not entirely sure why. I've felt … Continue reading Artists Way – Week 7

Artists Way – Week 3

This weeks lesson was: recovering a sense of power. Much of the focus was on taking yourself back to your childhood days and reconnecting with that inner spirit. This week was difficult for me because I was dealing with some strong emotions having to do with my heart. One of the tasks was to buy … Continue reading Artists Way – Week 3

Artists Way – Week 2

This weeks lesson was recovering a sense of identity. The biggest takeaway I got was allowing yourself to do the things you enjoy doing and focusing on the importance of time.  Julia Cameron talks about how we always say "we will do this when..." or only allow ourselves to get started on projects or do the … Continue reading Artists Way – Week 2

The Artist’s Way – Week 1

One of my October goals was to do the Artist's way course book week by week and post a reflection of the past week/check in on the blog every Sunday! Here are my reflections after completing week one. This week's focus was on recovering a sense of safety. Julia Cameron talks about how important it … Continue reading The Artist’s Way – Week 1

My Word for October – Productivity

Happy October First! I love that October 1st fell on a Monday because it feels like a fresh start. I had started 2018 by doing a "word of the month" - something to focus on for the month instead of picking a list of specific goals/intentions, just a word to focus and infuse that month … Continue reading My Word for October – Productivity