i am the sun & moon – a poem

the sagittarius in me wants to travel and explore, leave without notice and explore both the inner and outer world of sandalwood incense and cypress trees and markets in morocco and oceans in australia. she wants to experience and think deeply. she wants to know herself from exploring outside herself. she wants to go deep. … Continue reading i am the sun & moon – a poem

Harvest/Aries Moon – A Journal Guide

Tonight (September 24th) marks the full moon in Aries. It is also dubbed the Harvest Moon, because back in the day the bright moon would give farmers light so they could have extra time to harvest their crops for the fall. Aries is known for being headstrong, independent, and bold. This moon has magic. It … Continue reading Harvest/Aries Moon – A Journal Guide

a note on friendships from a merm with her moon in cancer

A couple of months ago, I realized that I am constantly on the go and constantly leaving the people I love most behind for new horizons. I grew up in Pennsylvania and had an amazing and close-knit group of friends in middle school. However, right before we were about to enter high school, my family … Continue reading a note on friendships from a merm with her moon in cancer