turkish coffee – a poem

We ate simits covered in olive spread, thin little bagels so you don’t get schmutz on your face. After, we drank Turkish coffees strong like a shot. We read each other’s fortunes from the coffee grounds letting the spirit move through us. We saw rivers flowing in ravines and raccoons on mountains and energy leaving out of ourselves and cleaning … Continue reading turkish coffee – a poem

Washington D.C. – Travel Guide

I recently visited Washington D.C. to visit one of my best friends who got a job working at a theater there. It was a total girls weekend full of lots of theater, heart talks until 3 am every night, hitting the town, and eating yummy food. I used to visit DC often when I was … Continue reading Washington D.C. – Travel Guide

Dallas, TX – Travel Guide

One of my childhood best friends recently moved to Dallas, TX from Philadelphia and for part of her birthday present, her dad flew me out to spend the weekend with her and celebrate. (pause for a moment of gratitude for being so blessed and having these opportunities to travel) It was my first time in … Continue reading Dallas, TX – Travel Guide

Why your Girl Tribe is the Most Important

I am learning how incredibly important it is to have a girl tribe. It is necessary for me to push me to achieve my goals. To surround yourself with amazing women who are driven and passionate will only empower you to become the best woman you can be. I am blessed to have my girl … Continue reading Why your Girl Tribe is the Most Important

Why I Can No Longer Stand Clubbing

I was in New York City this past weekend to celebrate one of my best friend's birthday. She just moved to the city to start her MFA in acting at Columbia and my other best friend just moved to D.C. for a directing fellowship at Arena Stage - first of all, can we take a … Continue reading Why I Can No Longer Stand Clubbing