A Weekend in New York City

I had the most soul nourishing weekend with a group of Persian friends I had in college who came to NYC for the first time. Since living in CT, I've been much less exposed to that culture and have had to trade chicken barg and tahdig with lobster rolls and pizza. I'm not sure what … Continue reading A Weekend in New York City

How To See Theater On a Budget

Theater is one of my biggest passions in life. I've been "going to the theater" since I was a baby and I feel lucky that my family instilled that in me at a young age. Because of my career path, going to the theater continues to be one of my priorities and I love nothing … Continue reading How To See Theater On a Budget

Theater I’ve Seen Lately

I am lucky to be able to see a lot of theater. Living in New England, just a few hours from not only New York City, but many other reputable theater companies gives me the opportunity to see a LOT of theater. It also helps that I work at a theater and I can often … Continue reading Theater I’ve Seen Lately

Thoughts on the Mundane and The Band’s Visit on Broadway

It's a recurring theme in my life to think about the mundane. To get caught up in the routine of the everyday and ache for something more. You see, I'm a dreamer. I'm always thinking ahead, getting excited for my next big thing, my next big plan or project, always wanting something to look forward … Continue reading Thoughts on the Mundane and The Band’s Visit on Broadway

How to Re-inspire Your Artist

I am an artist. I am primarily a performer. Being on stage was my first love and passion. When I'm on stage, something else entirely takes over. I am powerful. I am confident. I am electric. I act. I sing. I dance. I majored in theater in college. It was not only my major, but … Continue reading How to Re-inspire Your Artist

The Three M’s

I came up with the three M's in high school. These three M's are the top three things I get the most pleasure out of in life and it is my hope that everyone can incorporate the three M's into their lives - or better yet, identify the things that give THEM the most pleasure … Continue reading The Three M’s