A Weekend in New York City

I had the most soul nourishing weekend with a group of Persian friends I had in college who came to NYC for the first time. Since living in CT, I've been much less exposed to that culture and have had to trade chicken barg and tahdig with lobster rolls and pizza. I'm not sure what … Continue reading A Weekend in New York City

Charlotte, NC – An Unexpected Trip

After spending the weekend with my best friend in Dallas, TX, I had a short 30 min connection in Charlotte, NC during my flight home to CT. However, the plane leaving Dallas got delayed unexpectedly when a flight attendant was late to work and we couldn't leave without her, and I had a feeling I … Continue reading Charlotte, NC – An Unexpected Trip

the plight of the millennial – a poem

the plight of the millennial city lights glisten and glitter reflecting off my glass of rosé it cost $15 I thought it was a joke. I could have bought 3 whole bottles for that price. but instead, for the price of 3 bottles I just have one full glass (made of plastic) that I can … Continue reading the plight of the millennial – a poem