thoughts on fear and homesickness: updates in Kiev, Ukraine

I'm currently sitting in the business class lounge in the Kiev airport with an unopened coke beside me and a plate of a variety of Ukrainian foods - boiled potatoes with dill, a ham quiche, and a tomato and bell pepper salad. pro tip: if you have a long layover, chilling in a lounge is … Continue reading thoughts on fear and homesickness: updates in Kiev, Ukraine

August Reflectionz & BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

Happy September first loves. I'm currently sitting at my favorite little french bakery shop enjoying the chillness of labor day weekend which where I live truly feels like the last weekend of summer. Wanted to do a reflection on August and let you know some exciting announcements for September and a chance to WORK WITH … Continue reading August Reflectionz & BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

30 Day Creativity Challenge on Insta

Hi loves!! I shared this post on my Instagram but I'd love for you to join me in the month of August for a 30 day Creativity Challenge. The point of this challenge is to have FUN and to spend EACH day with your creativity doing something just for YOU. If you've been feeling un-inspired … Continue reading 30 Day Creativity Challenge on Insta

adversity makes you fuck better – a poem

I can tell how much adversity someone’s faced By how good of a lover they are. The straight white male who grew up with the white picket fence and mom and dad and high school sports is always the worst Not because he doesn’t care, but just because nobody has ever taught him how  He … Continue reading adversity makes you fuck better – a poem

Reflections & June Intentions!

happpy juuuune, y'all. I feel like I've been neglecting this bloggy space for a bit because I've been so focused on building my business, but I really love doing these monthly intentions as a way to just check in with myself, reflect on the past month, think about what I want to focus on and … Continue reading Reflections & June Intentions!