Why You’re Worth It – lessons on following your desires

What is stopping you from going after the things you want? As humans and especially as women, I think we deal with limiting beliefs surrounding  whether or not we are worthy of giving ourselves the things we want/desire. In my previous posts, I was talking about judging myself for the things that make me happy. … Continue reading Why You’re Worth It – lessons on following your desires

The Artist’s Way – Week 1

One of my October goals was to do the Artist's way course book week by week and post a reflection of the past week/check in on the blog every Sunday! Here are my reflections after completing week one. This week's focus was on recovering a sense of safety. Julia Cameron talks about how important it … Continue reading The Artist’s Way – Week 1

My Word for April: Enjoy

My word for April is Enjoy. So often, I find myself getting bogged down in projects that I created for myself and some weeks I am bursting with passion and just can't wait to get started on something, and other weeks I avoid it like the plague, distracting my time with thinking about boys, drinking … Continue reading My Word for April: Enjoy

Why I will never apologize for being “selfish”

(of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure. That is the definition of the word selfish. The word alone brings up feelings of shame. It feels like a dirty word. You never want to be considered selfish. What's worse than being called out for caring … Continue reading Why I will never apologize for being “selfish”