Lisbon, Portugal – Travel Guide

Lisbon, Portugal reminded me so so much of San Francisco, California. It made me feel right at home since SF is one of my home cities. The cable cars, the hills, the bridge that is a REPLICA of the Golden Gate, and the bay all made me feel like I had just stepped back home … Continue reading Lisbon, Portugal – Travel Guide

Charlotte, NC – An Unexpected Trip

After spending the weekend with my best friend in Dallas, TX, I had a short 30 min connection in Charlotte, NC during my flight home to CT. However, the plane leaving Dallas got delayed unexpectedly when a flight attendant was late to work and we couldn't leave without her, and I had a feeling I … Continue reading Charlotte, NC – An Unexpected Trip

Algarve, Portugal – Travel Journal

I arrived to Faro, Portugal from Dublin and immediately felt like I stepped into some Disneyland type vacation resort. The sun was setting, palm trees galore, and the airport boasted wide, open spaces and white walls. After taking a bus downtown to my hostel and checking in, I was lured to the center of the … Continue reading Algarve, Portugal – Travel Journal

Thoughts on Solo Travel

  I want to talk to more people about travel. particularly solo travel. I find that whenever I am somewhere new a new city a new country I spend the first few hours in an adrenaline filled high I soak in the new sights I hear new languages I see new people I smell new … Continue reading Thoughts on Solo Travel

Small Town Sadness – a poem

small town sadness There is a feeling you get when you come back to small secluded towns that were once familiar, that were once home. until you set off in the world exploring foreign lands and busy cities. you come back from the city thinking your world view has expanded. you are a woman of … Continue reading Small Town Sadness – a poem