a note on self-love

I've been thinking a lot about how so many people hate themselves and their bodies. This is a problem prevalent in our world and manifests itself in anxiety and depression. We see so many people who externally have a great life. They have a roof over their heads, are fed, and well taken care of. … Continue reading a note on self-love

The Rise of the Feminine

a new era my intuition and emotion are guided by the ocean we are setting forth in motion the rise of the feminine. just like the moon affects gravity making the waves big or tiny the planets are causing this new energy; the rise of the feminine. From the shadows, we rise not to darken … Continue reading The Rise of the Feminine

The Three M’s

I came up with the three M's in high school. These three M's are the top three things I get the most pleasure out of in life and it is my hope that everyone can incorporate the three M's into their lives - or better yet, identify the things that give THEM the most pleasure … Continue reading The Three M’s