Block Island, RI – Travel Guide

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I celebrated our one year anniversary by spending the weekend in Block Island, Rhode Island. We visited this island one day last summer and took the ferry from my town an hour out to the island. When we got there, it was party central. The ferry drops you off … Continue reading Block Island, RI – Travel Guide

Solo Travel – Why This Trip Felt Different and How I learned to Honor my Feminine

Hello loves ❤ I just got back from my solo trip to London (and one day in Paris) and wanted to take this time to reflect on how this solo trip felt very different from my solo trips in the past. I'll definitely do little travel guides for both cities of what I did, what … Continue reading Solo Travel – Why This Trip Felt Different and How I learned to Honor my Feminine

Lisbon, Portugal – Travel Guide

Lisbon, Portugal reminded me so so much of San Francisco, California. It made me feel right at home since SF is one of my home cities. The cable cars, the hills, the bridge that is a REPLICA of the Golden Gate, and the bay all made me feel like I had just stepped back home … Continue reading Lisbon, Portugal – Travel Guide

Algarve, Portugal – Travel Journal

I arrived to Faro, Portugal from Dublin and immediately felt like I stepped into some Disneyland type vacation resort. The sun was setting, palm trees galore, and the airport boasted wide, open spaces and white walls. After taking a bus downtown to my hostel and checking in, I was lured to the center of the … Continue reading Algarve, Portugal – Travel Journal

City Guide to Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland is a city full of flowers hanging from windows, pubs with plenty of beer to go around, and is surprisingly rich with artistic and literary history. I spent a little over 24 hours in this charming city and had a fulfilling and relaxing time. I chose to go to Dublin, purely out of … Continue reading City Guide to Dublin, Ireland

Lessons Learned from Solo Travel

I have always dreamed about traveling the globe solo. I don't have a fear of being alone, in fact I enjoy it and sometimes prefer it. I love the freedom of being able to be my own companion, going, doing, seeing, eating, whenever I want without having to worry about someone else's needs. I get … Continue reading Lessons Learned from Solo Travel

Bedlam and Bakeries in Boston – a city guide

I went up to Boston this past weekend and had such a lovely time full of six hours of THEATER, the best bakery in the world, boozy BOBA, and best friends! Here's a GUIDE of what I did/ate/saw. THEATER The main reason I went up to Boston is to see Bedlam's touring production of both … Continue reading Bedlam and Bakeries in Boston – a city guide

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Whether or not you have a trip to Edinburgh planned soon, here is a little guide I put together of things I did in my 72 hour trip! It's a city full of beautiful views, the seaside, literary history, and free museums! Check it out! TRANSPORTATION FLIGHTS I flew to and from Edinburgh on Norwegian … Continue reading City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Lessons Learned from Scotland

Hello beautiful merms! I got back from Scotland the day before yesterday. It was the most amazing, magical trip full of afternoon tea, scones with clotted cream, gorgeous city and seaside views, and Harry Potter magic (since JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter while living in Edinburgh). I flew out Friday night at around 9:30 pm … Continue reading Lessons Learned from Scotland

Travel Essentials – what’s in my carry on!

Hello fellow merms! Today, I'm super excited because I am flying out to Edinburgh tonight! I wanted to share a few of my travel essentials that I will have with me on my carry on. First of all, I love flying. I love airports. I seriously always get to the airport waaay too early just … Continue reading Travel Essentials – what’s in my carry on!