Reflections on my solo trip in BALI

It’s my last day in Bali and I’m sitting by the pool in my villa, the frangipani trees providing me shade from the hot sun and trying to process and reflect on the last 3 weeks here. I really had to face my shadow side in Bali. So many things came up that I know … Continue reading Reflections on my solo trip in BALI

Summer 2019 Recap & Life Learnings

Hi loves! It's been a bit since I've checked in so I wanted to do a little summer recap and life update. For those of you who don't know, I work at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center and every summer we have 4 different conferences showcasing puppetry, new plays, new musicals, and cabaret with around … Continue reading Summer 2019 Recap & Life Learnings

springtime flowers – a poem

winter turns into spring slowly and then all one at once so sudden you wonder when all those flowers had time to grow under the frozen ground? but here they are in full bloom in a matter of minutes or at least that's what it seems like from the outside. what you didn't see is … Continue reading springtime flowers – a poem

Merm Musings or things I’ve learned recently – part 5

can we just take a moment to admire the fact that I serendipitously passed by this mermaid mural in Boston?! perfection. if you're a good person, good things will happen to you sometimes, if you're feeling overwhelmed and pulled in too many directions, just turning off your phone and focusing solely on your thoughts is … Continue reading Merm Musings or things I’ve learned recently – part 5

22 Things I learned at age 22

My 23rd birthday is less than a week away and so I’m taking this time to reflect on the past year and what I’ve learned from it all. Luckily enough, my birthday is so close to the end of the year that this is pretty much what I have learned in the year 2017. Let … Continue reading 22 Things I learned at age 22