An Honest Post about Blogging

I wanted to do a heart spill post to let ya know what's been on my mind. I've been having trouble lately thinking about this blog and what I want it to become. Lately, I've been reading more posts and listening to podcasts about how to make blogging your business and develop more traffic. I … Continue reading An Honest Post about Blogging

The Best Feelings in the World – A list

The Best Feelings in the World Waking up on a queen sized bed with sunlight pouring in from the window and stretching with luxurious delight Coming home from a long day, hugging another human, and feeling your heart melt into them Watching the sunset with mint chip gelato in hand and seeing dolphins in the … Continue reading The Best Feelings in the World – A list

awakened nostalgia – a poem

the worst feeling is waking up and immediately missing someone you just spent the previous day forgetting distracting layering brick upon brick building on top of your sensitive heart losing yourself in the others. and then you begin to dream and the bricks slowly crumble as you relax into open, pure, return to self. so … Continue reading awakened nostalgia – a poem

an update/merm musings part 4

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted on here (about 2 weeks to be exact). Since I blogged every single day for 30+ days straight, going 2 weeks without it seems like a lifetime. I definitely missed it, but I'm finding there is only so much time in the day and I've been dedicating … Continue reading an update/merm musings part 4

the power of theater

(all we're looking for is a little more empathy) Theater holds the power to reveal and then heal. Stories are told and then sold to make a common connection to cause pause and serve as a reflection.   Hold a mirror up to society and soothe some of our anxieties. Hope we change our behaviors … Continue reading the power of theater