thoughts on earth day

I like to focus on the positive. I like to forget that we are killing our own mother. I roll my eyes as "influencers" post for earth day bring your own bags! buy in bulk! reusable water bottles will save us! avoid plastic like the plague! it seems so arbitrary fake, meaningless like that'll make … Continue reading thoughts on earth day

planet earth – a poem

blue water-like veins run throughout the grid of the cosmos connecting paths connecting paths connecting paths - web weaving out of blue blood life force. my womb aches as I shed layers of my old self every single month my body renews rejuvenates creates we are constantly creating. we made this planet our home she … Continue reading planet earth – a poem

Small Town Sadness – a poem

small town sadness There is a feeling you get when you come back to small secluded towns that were once familiar, that were once home. until you set off in the world exploring foreign lands and busy cities. you come back from the city thinking your world view has expanded. you are a woman of … Continue reading Small Town Sadness – a poem

a lesson from my bedroom (space/home)

What is space? What is home? When I moved to Connecticut, the theater I'm working out placed me in this big farmhouse with the rest of the apprentices. It's this old building built in the early 1800's and you can feel it in the cracked and dusty walls, smell it in the old carpets and … Continue reading a lesson from my bedroom (space/home)

Airplane Thoughts

Thirty thousand feet up in the air suspended in time and space caught between the home you've left behind and the unknown of the future. Hurtling to a destination where the warm hearts of home are found in other people and exist between two coasts. I feel at home mostly when I'm hugging you but also … Continue reading Airplane Thoughts