quarantine musings – a rollercoaster (honestly)

i've been wanting to write, wanting to create, wanting to create something good and meaningful. i've been craving posting on instagram or the blog because sharing and connecting gives me purpose, but I've been blocked. my friend and i were just on the phone and I said "i'm very much on the down part of … Continue reading quarantine musings – a rollercoaster (honestly)

Reflections & June Intentions!

happpy juuuune, y'all. I feel like I've been neglecting this bloggy space for a bit because I've been so focused on building my business, but I really love doing these monthly intentions as a way to just check in with myself, reflect on the past month, think about what I want to focus on and … Continue reading Reflections & June Intentions!

facing the cold – a weekend with my shadow self

I had an odd weekend. first of all, happy mlk day & women's march weekend. This weekend I encountered my shadow side and I write this all down in order to process, reflect, and hopefully let someone know that they're not alone by sharing my jumble of thoughts and feelings. I had a friend whom … Continue reading facing the cold – a weekend with my shadow self