summer heat – a poem

The heat is oppressive like stepping out into suffocating silence like the oven is turned on too high and the buildings are caving in. We spend our Sunday inside reading fiction and memoirs sipping everything from rose gold iced lattes to iced teas to lavender Italian sodas to cucumber water - anything to distract us … Continue reading summer heat – a poem

Loving Lately – a list

What are you loving lately? Below is a list of my favorite things/feelings as of late. vanilla lavender lattes from Sift Ooookay, first off there is this French inspired bakery in Mystic (about a 20 minute drive from me) and I dream about it on the daily. I went this past weekend and tried their … Continue reading Loving Lately – a list

A Happy List pt. 2

I'm in need of a happy list since this has been a slightly difficult week emotionally. Nothing major, just could use a bit of uplifting. If you haven't read my original happy list post, (click here to read!)¬†happy lists are a list of words I like, images I like, things I like, just simply a … Continue reading A Happy List pt. 2

an update/merm musings part 4

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted on here (about 2 weeks to be exact). Since I blogged every single day for 30+ days straight, going 2 weeks without it seems like a lifetime. I definitely missed it, but I'm finding there is only so much time in the day and I've been dedicating … Continue reading an update/merm musings part 4

Merm Musings or Things I’ve Learned Recently #3

Pinterest is amazing. How am I just now discovering Pinterest? The fact that you can see visually similar results is innovation on point. I didn't know all this awesome inspo existed. drinking lavender white tea in a hippie coffee shop on a rainy day will make you feel like a little fairy doing spontaneous things … Continue reading Merm Musings or Things I’ve Learned Recently #3