10 Thing’s I’m Loving Lately

Hey mermz! Thought I would check in with a 10 things I'm loving lately post. Hope you're all having an amazing start to the new year. How have those resolutions/intentions been holding up? What are some of your favorite things you've been loving lately? Here are mine ❤ 1. charting my menstrual cycle I started … Continue reading 10 Thing’s I’m Loving Lately

novem-burr (a poem)

Novem-Burr november ends with overcast skies and sniffly ears, frozen fingers typing numbly. the day of thanks has come and went followed by sales & marketing schemes buy, buy, buy, consume! crowds of people like ants swarm the capitalism the news it's all too much. I'd rather stay inside where the wind won't bite me. … Continue reading novem-burr (a poem)

Thoughts While Eating a Sandwich

Thoughts While Eating A Sandwich We shovel in experiences, father than we can process them. Consuming and consuming at lightning speed. What happens when we pause and take a moment to simply experience one thing at a time. one sensation to savor the taste of life, which is sometimes taught by eating a sandwich. There … Continue reading Thoughts While Eating a Sandwich