Thoughts on the Mundane and The Band’s Visit on Broadway

It's a recurring theme in my life to think about the mundane. To get caught up in the routine of the everyday and ache for something more. You see, I'm a dreamer. I'm always thinking ahead, getting excited for my next big thing, my next big plan or project, always wanting something to look forward … Continue reading Thoughts on the Mundane and The Band’s Visit on Broadway

How to Re-inspire Your Artist

I am an artist. I am primarily a performer. Being on stage was my first love and passion. When I'm on stage, something else entirely takes over. I am powerful. I am confident. I am electric. I act. I sing. I dance. I majored in theater in college. It was not only my major, but … Continue reading How to Re-inspire Your Artist

The Three M’s

I came up with the three M's in high school. These three M's are the top three things I get the most pleasure out of in life and it is my hope that everyone can incorporate the three M's into their lives - or better yet, identify the things that give THEM the most pleasure … Continue reading The Three M’s