adversity makes you fuck better – a poem

I can tell how much adversity someone’s faced By how good of a lover they are. The straight white male who grew up with the white picket fence and mom and dad and high school sports is always the worst Not because he doesn’t care, but just because nobody has ever taught him how  He … Continue reading adversity makes you fuck better – a poem

Forgotten Cities – a poem

Picnics of plastic wrapped watermelon And smoked turkey sandwiches between wheat bread on blue paper plates. Creamy goat cheese spread on toasted cheddar pita chips with smashed raspberries on top. Snacking on sweet summer strawberries. I eat them until all but the green leaves are left with a little bit of juicy red hanging on … Continue reading Forgotten Cities – a poem

strawberries after sex – a poem

strawberries after sex taste sweeter especially when they're hydroponic you had to look up what that meant - its when you grow plants from water not soil its more sustainable that way it must be cheaper too because the box was $3 instead of the usual 6 the strawberries tasted sweeter than any other strawberries … Continue reading strawberries after sex – a poem

sing – a poem

I sang in public yesterday the music couldn't keep spilling out from my heart in the restaurant in the restroom down the main street two strangers stopped me and said "you have a great voice, please keep singing" and I thought that was significant for the first day of the new year Maybe this is … Continue reading sing – a poem

pillow lips – a poem

I lean into kiss your pillow lips that taste of espresso and mint. The tide comes dangerously close but on our little island of sand we are safe, we are dry. The tide can't touch us. The sun sinks down painting brilliance and the wind whips in between us together we cling tightly; keeping eaching … Continue reading pillow lips – a poem