July Intentions – reading/donating/studying/creating

Happy July! I haven't felt called to do a monthly check in and post in a very long time. Quarantine got me in a strange state of feeling generally lost, purposeless, and questioning what I "should" be doing (and generally feeling like the world was stuck in time in Mid-March). After a beautiful couple weeks … Continue reading July Intentions – reading/donating/studying/creating

BOOKS of 2019

I read so many books this year. I fell back in love with reading in 2018 and now I find that I can't go very long without reading a book. I love people's stories. I love how stories can connect and inspire us. I love READING! Most of these books I checked out at the … Continue reading BOOKS of 2019

6 Books for Creative Inspiration

September means fall which means it's reading season. At least for me anyways. There's nothing better than cozying up in bed while it's raining outside (it's hurricane season here on the East Coast) and having a good book in hand. If you're any kind of artist or like to be creative in any way, these … Continue reading 6 Books for Creative Inspiration