March Manifestations

How is February over already? While January felt way too long, February felt way too short! Anyways, happy March 1st! It's time to reflect on the past month and set goals for the next month. I love doing this because it allows me to check in with myself monthly and see how I'm doing. Here … Continue reading March Manifestations

My Word for December -Celebrate

wowowow, how is it already the last month of the year already?! 2018 has flown by. December is one of my FAVORITE MONTHS of the whole year mostly because it's my birthday month (HELLO SAG SEASON) and it's the holiday time so there is plenty of time off for rest, relaxation, eating, and family time. … Continue reading My Word for December -Celebrate

Artists Way – Week 7

This week was focused on recovering a sense of connection. Julia Cameron talks about inspiration and how it's not something we have to "think up" but rather something to get "down", that it's always available when you need it. This week was a little difficult for me and I'm not entirely sure why. I've felt … Continue reading Artists Way – Week 7

Merm Musings or Lesson’s I’ve Learned Lately pt. 6

the true meaning of "how lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard" If you're not in the right space to be creative and share, don't force it. There will be times when the words flow right through you and times where they won't. Honor the process. Honor the ebb and … Continue reading Merm Musings or Lesson’s I’ve Learned Lately pt. 6