afternoon tea – a poem

afternoon tea at 11 am on a sunday in scotland afternooon tea at 11 am on a sunday when the city is still slowly waking up. warm scones spread with clotted cream and fresh jam are mouthwateringly good paired with a selection of the most delightfully descriptions of tea. "a blend of Indian assam and … Continue reading afternoon tea – a poem

Edinburgh, Scotland – Food Guide

Merm Ley's Edinburgh Food Guide Food is definitely the best part of traveling to a different city. I love researching and finding little healthy restaurants and trying out the local food. Here's everything I ate from classic Scottish food like Haggis to turmeric lattes to afternoon tea with the most mouthwatering scones and cream/jam! Hula … Continue reading Edinburgh, Scotland – Food Guide

a note on spontaneity – merm swims to scotland

I just bought a ticket to go to Edinburgh, Scotland for the weekend in just two weeks! The concept of flying to Europe for the weekend was unfathomable to me. In California it would be pretty much impossible. It wasn't until I moved to the east coast and had friends who would go to Dublin, … Continue reading a note on spontaneity – merm swims to scotland