floating – a poem

I float underneath stars letting the north star be my focal point because it's the brightest and biggest and it seems to be right above me. The water moves like black silk and I let myself be carried. With each breath, I let go and relax deeper and deeper into my bed of waves. Underwater, … Continue reading floating – a poem

wave dreams – a poem

wave dreams last night I had a dream that I lived in a house on the ocean with my family. there was a big storm and the sea was angry at sunset it was beautiful; a true painting I remember I grabbed my phone to take a picture the waves were rolling in and you … Continue reading wave dreams – a poem

bedroom window – a poem

my bedroom window overlooks a blue house overlooking the blue water. across the channel are yellow cranes sometimes I see submarines passing by heading to the naval base sometimes I see white ferries passing by heading to islands sometimes I see magnificent sunrises when I wake sometimes I see the old man from the blue … Continue reading bedroom window – a poem

Travel Guide to Newport, RI

Newport, RI is one of the cutest little beachy New England towns. It reminds me of my home, California, with it's ocean views, cliffs, and delish food. The town is rich (literally & figuratively) with history of the world's social elites during the Gilded Age. Combine that with quintessential New England charm (lobster rolls, yachts, … Continue reading Travel Guide to Newport, RI


I am reporting to you on this day, 10.8.18 as a published poet! (click link to check it out on Amazon) Wow! It's hard to put into words what this moment feels like because on one hand, it really doesn't feel like that big of a deal, I'm like yea so what, I put my … Continue reading ANNOUNCING – POETRY BOOK IS NOW LIVE & PUBLISHED

Gifts from the Sea – A Poem

The universe brings me messages from the clouds. Every evening, I walk down to the shore to kiss my mother ocean, feel her body beneath my feet, and make my prayers of gratitude for her blessings. She greets me with cotton candy and fiery dancing of reds and yellows, as day descends into night. She … Continue reading Gifts from the Sea – A Poem

Thoughts While Eating a Sandwich

Thoughts While Eating A Sandwich We shovel in experiences, father than we can process them. Consuming and consuming at lightning speed. What happens when we pause and take a moment to simply experience one thing at a time. one sensation to savor the taste of life, which is sometimes taught by eating a sandwich. There … Continue reading Thoughts While Eating a Sandwich

moon gravity

Moon Gravity Run wild towards the mystical moon they whispered softly. Run free towards the studded sky star in farsi is setareh. the A is elongated but also rounded. I am circling with earth. bound by your gravitational pull which determines how foamy is the sea. (like when the wave expands) When you're closer, I'm … Continue reading moon gravity

Merm Musings or What I’ve Learned Recently #2

a note on merm musings: simply a list of thoughts I've had recently/lessons I've learned/things I've been doing. slathering yourself in melted coconut oil will make you feel like a slippery mermaid and it's very nice balance looks like treating yourself to a mani/pedi and then getting McDonald's for dinner theater is cool because you … Continue reading Merm Musings or What I’ve Learned Recently #2