Yoga Teacher Training in India pt. 1

I feel there has been so much that has happened the last 5 days that I don't even know what to begin with, but here is an update on my Yoga Teacher Training so far. INTERNATIONAL SISTERS There are 19 women and one man also attending the training. I had no idea who was going … Continue reading Yoga Teacher Training in India pt. 1

thoughts on brave – the journey to India begins

I’m currently on a plane flying from JFK to Kiev, Ukraine and onward to New Delhi, India. Before I turned off my phone for the next 30 hours, I got a bunch of messages and texts from loved ones saying things like “safe travels” to “have fun” to “I’m so inspired by your bravery” Bravery. … Continue reading thoughts on brave – the journey to India begins

Merm Bullet Fridays pt. 2

Hi merm people! I'm inspired once again to do my own version of "bullet fridays" as done by Tim Ferris. Here's a bit about what's going on in my world this week and what I'm reading/listening to/learning/discovering: Song I'm Listening To: Only Hope from A Walk to Remember. This song is soo good and Natalie … Continue reading Merm Bullet Fridays pt. 2

May Manifestations

Happy May 1st! Ya know the phrase April showers being May flowers? Well over here on the New England coast it has been raaaining which I LOVE and the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom and my gosh it is beautiful and I love spring and I am so excited to be living somewhere with … Continue reading May Manifestations

April Intentions

I'm very excited that the first day of the month also happens to fall on the first day of the week. How glorious that we can start our Monday with a new month?! I don't have many grand new plans/goals. Instead, I already feel very "in it". I feel very on the grind and I'm … Continue reading April Intentions

facing the cold – a weekend with my shadow self

I had an odd weekend. first of all, happy mlk day & women's march weekend. This weekend I encountered my shadow side and I write this all down in order to process, reflect, and hopefully let someone know that they're not alone by sharing my jumble of thoughts and feelings. I had a friend whom … Continue reading facing the cold – a weekend with my shadow self