Moving to NYC and why it will be my greatest teacher

It's my LAST DAY of being 24 and I spent my morning journaling in bed, naked, doing a self-pleasure practice which involved massaging my naked body in coconut oil, listening to an Abraham Hicks abundance rampage, pulling a card from my new card deck by Sahara Rose's "A Yogic Path", creating a yoga class for … Continue reading Moving to NYC and why it will be my greatest teacher

Reflections on my solo trip in BALI

It’s my last day in Bali and I’m sitting by the pool in my villa, the frangipani trees providing me shade from the hot sun and trying to process and reflect on the last 3 weeks here. I really had to face my shadow side in Bali. So many things came up that I know … Continue reading Reflections on my solo trip in BALI

Facing my Shadow in Bali

I’m currently at the beach sitting on a bean bag and staring at the beautiful ocean watching surfers ride the waves, and while people next to me are sipping beers and coconuts, I felt the call to write, so here we go... I arrived in Bali 3 days ago. I had a long travel journey. … Continue reading Facing my Shadow in Bali

a note on self-love

I've been thinking a lot about how so many people hate themselves and their bodies. This is a problem prevalent in our world and manifests itself in anxiety and depression. We see so many people who externally have a great life. They have a roof over their heads, are fed, and well taken care of. … Continue reading a note on self-love

50 First Date Questions I asked MYSELF

In honor of Valentine's Day this week I am answering 50 first date questions for myself because the most important love you can have is that of self-love. Get to know a lil more about me ❤ 1. Who inspires you? Who do you aspire to be like? any female artist out there doing the … Continue reading 50 First Date Questions I asked MYSELF

Why You’re Worth It – lessons on following your desires

What is stopping you from going after the things you want? As humans and especially as women, I think we deal with limiting beliefs surrounding  whether or not we are worthy of giving ourselves the things we want/desire. In my previous posts, I was talking about judging myself for the things that make me happy. … Continue reading Why You’re Worth It – lessons on following your desires

10 Thing’s I’m Loving Lately

Hey mermz! Thought I would check in with a 10 things I'm loving lately post. Hope you're all having an amazing start to the new year. How have those resolutions/intentions been holding up? What are some of your favorite things you've been loving lately? Here are mine ❤ 1. charting my menstrual cycle I started … Continue reading 10 Thing’s I’m Loving Lately

Artists Way – Week 6

This week's focus was on recovering a sense of abundance. This was very in tune with what I have been focusing on lately: changing my money mindset so that I can manifest more abundance in my life. An artist needs abundance in their life to support them and their creative habits, whether that be in … Continue reading Artists Way – Week 6

My Word for April: Enjoy

My word for April is Enjoy. So often, I find myself getting bogged down in projects that I created for myself and some weeks I am bursting with passion and just can't wait to get started on something, and other weeks I avoid it like the plague, distracting my time with thinking about boys, drinking … Continue reading My Word for April: Enjoy

a note on spontaneity – merm swims to scotland

I just bought a ticket to go to Edinburgh, Scotland for the weekend in just two weeks! The concept of flying to Europe for the weekend was unfathomable to me. In California it would be pretty much impossible. It wasn't until I moved to the east coast and had friends who would go to Dublin, … Continue reading a note on spontaneity – merm swims to scotland