A Love List

I love watching the sunset. I love watching the ocean. I love reading people's stories. I love being present with nature. I love singing and sharing my voice. I love cuddling with other humans. I love eating yummy food. I love being with my family. I love discovering and exploring. I love traveling and being … Continue reading A Love List

The Best Feelings in the World – A list

The Best Feelings in the World Waking up on a queen sized bed with sunlight pouring in from the window and stretching with luxurious delight Coming home from a long day, hugging another human, and feeling your heart melt into them Watching the sunset with mint chip gelato in hand and seeing dolphins in the … Continue reading The Best Feelings in the World – A list

Gifts from the Sea – A Poem

The universe brings me messages from the clouds. Every evening, I walk down to the shore to kiss my mother ocean, feel her body beneath my feet, and make my prayers of gratitude for her blessings. She greets me with cotton candy and fiery dancing of reds and yellows, as day descends into night. She … Continue reading Gifts from the Sea – A Poem