what I’m thinking about – solo trip to Bali

I wake up without an alarm and spend my morning writing in my journal, sometimes doing yoga, sometimes doing a Joe Dispenza meditation, sometimes doing a pleasure practice and deciding what I want to do that day. I've gone surfing a few times now and actually can get up on the board now, so I … Continue reading what I’m thinking about – solo trip to Bali

life questions – a series part 2

what does it mean to be a "good theater artist"? Does it look like reading one new play every day? or does it look like creating your own theater company? is there any such thing as being a "good" theater artist? why do we feel shame for wanting what we want? why can't we just … Continue reading life questions – a series part 2

Vulnerability – a poem

Exposing the Ugly We keep our ugly hiding in shameful shadows in the deepest, darkest depths in cracks and crevices pushed deep below the surface. I only go there in darkness when I feel I am alone and come out on the other side feeling ashamed. It's shameful. I've always been one to cover up … Continue reading Vulnerability – a poem