what Table Time means

Table Time is my favorite way of connecting deeply with friends. It's a ritual my friends and I invented when we were 12 years old. Essentially, Table Time is when a group of friends get together and sit around either a physical table or just a certain space and they hold space for each other … Continue reading what Table Time means

I have loved, but I have not lost – a poem

I have loved, but I have not lost. for you can't lose something that was never meant to be yours. sometimes love exists in the lessons. I have loved, but I have not lost. I have gained more than I could ask for. experiences; heart open, warm bath, silky touching, i have seen you and … Continue reading I have loved, but I have not lost – a poem

Vulnerability – a poem

Exposing the Ugly We keep our ugly hiding in shameful shadows in the deepest, darkest depths in cracks and crevices pushed deep below the surface. I only go there in darkness when I feel I am alone and come out on the other side feeling ashamed. It's shameful. I've always been one to cover up … Continue reading Vulnerability – a poem

Life Questions – A Series

A series of sometimes real questions, sometimes philosophical, sometimes existential, but nonetheless questions percolating in my mermaid mind.  Why do I always get caught in the rut of the mundane of the everyday? If you have an idea and don't act on it, how long will it be until someone else does? Is a solar … Continue reading Life Questions – A Series