magic manifestation

This week, I manifested a full time job with benefits, free housing, and free food. oh, and and all that is living right on the ocean.

wait what!?

so, a couple months ago I accepted a year long apprenticeship working at a theater on the ocean. It was an amazing opportunity to work at an amazing theater and they offered free housing, food, and a very small stipend.

It was a dream come true and I already had felt like I had manifested this opportunity into my life and it couldn’t be more perfect for where I am in my life.

However, a couple of months in, I really started to brainstorm about how I could make more money. I really wanted to be able to save up so that at the end of my year, I could go travel, take my yoga teachers training course in the Bahamas, move to NYC, whatever my next step would be, but in order to do that I would need to have money saved up and I didn’t like the idea of having to move back home for a couple months just to save up money and therefore be “wasting” time.

I kept thinking, this opportunity is so amazing and I’m so grateful that I am in a position of privilege where I was able to take a basically unpaid apprenticeship, but still have all my needs taken care of and not have to worry about supporting my own family or paying off student loans. I felt immense gratitude, but also kept thinking, what can I do in order to make money?

My creative brain really got going and I thought up different jobs I could do remotely, starting my own #mermaid business, which is really one of the reasons I forced myself to finally start this blog thinking one day it could be my side hustle. I kept thinking how wonderful it would have been if my apprenticeship paid an actual salary so I could save up while being here and dedicate this time to my creativity and building up my professional career.

However, my boss had been working at the theater for 5 years, and the girl in the position above me had no foreseeable plans to leave, so I knew I wouldn’t be getting hired anytime soon, which I was completely fine with. I was happy to finish out my year in August, and then move on to other opportunities, knowing I had a strong resume in my field that could get me hired somewhere else.

I put these thoughts into motion about 2 months ago, and then just let them go. I instead pursued my other creative passions, realized that I definitely want to have a career in life coaching with an emphasis in helping others live their best and most creative lives, and kept working hard at my goals, day by day.

In other words, I just did the work, trusting that it would all work out and didn’t expect much in return.

This Monday, my boss who had worked here for 5 years unexpectedly got fired, effective immediately.

On Tuesday, the girl above me got offered his job and I got offered her job.

On Wednesday, I accepted the position.

All of a sudden, I got exactly what I had wanted. Instead of feeling absolutely elated (it took me a little bit to process) I just felt a sense of yes, this is right. It wasn’t so crazy that this had happened to me, because I feel like it was supposed to happen.

That’s the thing about manifestation. You have the thought, allow the thought to be put in motion, and then let it go and trust that the process will work out for you when it’s supposed to happen.

Lucky for us, the universe always has our back and so whatever is meant to happen will always work out in the best possible way.

The guy who got fired already moved on to a bigger and better opportunity, the girl above me is getting to fulfill a dream of hers in a higher position, and I get to stay and live here for free and have a real salary so I can save up to make more of my dreams a reality.

All this to say is my advice on manifesting?

Dream. Give yourself permission to dream. Dream up your BIGGEST and best life.  Then, let it go and trust it will all work out how it’s supposed to. Then, do the work. Keep doing the work, and then one day without it feeling like you did anything at all, opportunities will just be handed to you.

You might feel shocked, confused, feel undeserving, or absolutely incredulous that your wildest dreams are coming TRUE. Whatever your emotions are, KNOW that YOU manifested this and your life, as always, is happening exactly how it is supposed to happen.

Trust that your life is unfolding perfectly and magic will follow. 

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