Yoga Teacher Training in India pt. 2

Helloo my loves!

It is Sunday and it is currently almost 9 am. I woke up on and off this morning, but officially woke up around 8 am which was a dream since we’ve been waking up at 5 am every morning.

Today’s our only day off, so I am so excited to have the chance to write, sit at a cafe and drink lassi with a view of the Ganges, visit a waterfall, and go to acro yoga at the Ganges beach taught by our ashtanga teacher.

It is yoga all day every day here in Rishikesh!

This was our first full week of our class schedule and while it’s a lot both physically and mentally, I actually enjoy this schedule very much. I am such a student and love being in class and having a set schedule.

I’ll write down things that I’ve been thinking about/loving lately since that seems to be a better picture of where I’m at right now:

indian mangos

indian mangos are nothing like american mangoes. They are so sweet and refreshing and delicious, i am obsessed.



our philosophy teacher introduced us to Osho who was an Indian guru back in the 70’s/80’s. his teachings were very popular all over the world, and in the 80’s, his followers built an entire town dedicated to him in Oregon called Rajneeshpuram. Things apparently got cray cray and they ended up committing the largest wire tapping case in US history. This is all detailed in the Netflix series documentary, Wild Wild Country which my roommate and I have been watching before bed and it is FASCINATING. Especially since I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THIS, LIKE WHAT? How can I live in the USA and nobody is talking about this?

Anyways, despite all the crazy things that happened, I’m interested in learning about Osho’s teachings, so I bought two books from the bookstore on my favorite topics: creativity & sex 🙂


On Being Human

speaking of books, I recently finished Jen Pastiloff’s “On Being Human”. Her memoir is one of my all time favorites. It’s everything that I want a book to be: it makes me see my own life in hers, makes me remember certain memories from my own life, connects me to her, inspires me, and makes me feel the magic of being human.

Her work inspires me so much and I think it’s so serendipitous that I read it now because her work is very similar to what I want to do. She leads these yoga/writing/human workshops all over the world that uses yoga as a vehicle to express ourselves and get deep into our stuff and share it with others aka vulnerability.

I really think my path is in leading creativity/yoga workshops which I want to start doing when I’m in Bali and when I get back in the states.

our teachers/staff

the staff here and the teachers are some of the best people I’ve ever met. They are so kind and go out of their way to make us feel like family. It was one of the girls’ birthday last week and they bought her a cake, presents, and decorated the whole place with balloons.

It is safe to say that ALL of us are absolutely in love with our teachers. They are all so handsome and light up the room with their smiles and are so knowledgable and truly wonderful. Seriously would recommend this program to ANYONE especially for the low cost and incredible people.

us & our incredible philosophy teacher


Every day I learn new things about myself and my country. Growing up in America, it’s so easy to think “this is the only way” and it feels very insular because that’s kinda how Americans feel about America, but that is soo not the case. It’s super interesting hearing about how other people view America and all of the issues we have going on over there…I don’t have much more to say about it now than that, but I’m thinking about it a lot.

I’m also learning to stay in my own experience. It’s easy to look around the room during yoga class and feel bad about yourself because you’re not as flexible or strong as somebody else, or to see that people are studying hard during breaks and getting all worried about the exam we have coming up at the end of the training, and the thoughts come “oh should I be doing that?” “am I lazy or bad because I want to go read or write at a cafe during my break?” but the truth is, when we can check in with our internal experience we know what is good for us. Just because someone next to you is stressing doesn’t mean you need to be stressing too.

so yes, STAY IN YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE. Don’t let the externals influence you too much, which also goes for social media. I notice myself being influenced ALL THE TIME. I scroll mindlessly and see what people are up to and it can make you feel jealous that you’re not doing that or make you crave something you weren’t craving before or make you feel like you’re doing it all wrong, but this is BULLSHITTT.

my mantra for now: stay in your own experience.

When I start to feel like I’m going into a mental spiral because of external influences, I have to tell myself to chill and just do what’s right for me, because only I know what is right for me.

breaking out of your routine encourages creativity

I really noticed that when I’m in new places or new experiences, my creativity is going WILD. I’m always wanting to write and create poetry and just create, create, create. As soon as I feel “settled” into the routine, however, that spark of creativity seems to dull and so it taught me the importance of BREAKING OUT OF YOUR ROUTINE if you want to spark your creativity.

creativity tip:

Do something different. Drive a different way to work. Go someplace new. We can get so stuck and comfortable in our routines that we never stop to question them and then are never able to see things from a different perspective. 


Eye Gazing

We did an eye gazing exercise in our meditation class and it was soo interesting and beautiful. At first, everyone would start laughing and couldn’t keep the giggles down, but then once you calmed down, you start to see the person’s face change and twist into different expressions and it’s trippy.

I want to try this in the mirror and see what happens…

Neti Pots

We also tried two cleansing techniques for our pranayama class…one being neti pots and the other being a thread neti.

I’ve always known neti pots were great for you and so good at clearing out phlegm & mucus, especially as a singer, but I was always too scared of them to try.

After trying it as a whole group here in India, I actually love it. It cleans you out so well and doesn’t feel as bad as I thought.

Another technique we tried is where you thread a piece of rubber up your nose and out through your mouth, which yes, sounds disgusting, and I haven’t been as successful with that one because you have to shove your fingers down your throat to grab the piece of rubber and pull it out, and my gagging reflex is too strong for that…will keep you updated lol.

rose mint lassi

I tried this on one of our breaks and fell in looove. So refreshing and delicious and the sound of it feels like poetry to my ears.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
honestly, a dream


I’ve been sharing daily over on my Instagram!

Here’s a few posts/poems to check out ❤

on being “the awakened artist” 

on the magic of breath

on finding your flow

on sharing your gifts

also, it doesn’t feel right to share all this good without a bit of the “bad” as I will say I have been consumed with fear this week about contracting Dengue Fever because our teachers warned us against it and I met a girl who did the training last month, but had to stay longer because she got the fever.

I got super freaked out about it and it’s hard to avoid the mosquitos here since they are everywhere and we leave windows/doors open during our classes, but it’s been a lesson for me in staying present and again not letting external things consume my thoughts. I know I am always protected, and will always be able to deal with whatever comes my way, whatever that may be, so there’s no point in wasting my mental space about it.

ANYWAYS, thank you for reading and following along on this journey.

I will post another wrap-up next week ❤

With love,

Ley Ley









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