Homeopathic Supplements to Prevent the Common Cold

Fall means back to school and a change in weather which can contribute to an increase in cold season.

I wanted to share my top homeopathic supplements to dealing with all the nastiness of a cold, to prevent them, make ’em shorter, and soothe your symptoms!

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I’m a big believe in natural, homeopathic remedies and rarely take over the counter medicine like nyquil/dayquil (unless I absolutely need it) and am a little horrified on what things like Mucinex contain (read about it).

These natural remedies are the way to go to boost your overall immune health and help your symptoms when you come down with something!


vitamin C – taking your daily dose of vitamin C can seriously reduce your chances of catching a cold and help strengthen your immune system. I usually just take capsules, but when I’m in the midst of a cold, I take emergen-c packets in my water and whether it’s placebo or not, I always feel like it shortens my cold!

zinc – zinc is great for treating the common cold. It helps fight off bacteria and invading infections. I only recently learned about it as a treatment for the cold and I feel like it works wonders! You can take these in small tablets.

echinacea – also known to fight off cold symptoms. I actually was feeling like I was fighting off something and my throat felt a bit scratchy, and I took this for two days and it completely got rid of my symptoms.

oregano oil – people used to rave about oregano oil in acting school which is how I got introduced to it, and now I incorporate it in my daily supplement routine along with vitamin C. It’s known for being anti-fungal and a natural antibiotic.

My favorite brand is Gaia herbs because the liquid comes in capsules. You can also buy it in liquid form, but it burns the tongue and so I prefer to just take it in capsules. The funny thing about oregano oil is that you might have some pizza flavored burps after taking 🙂

elderberry syrup – this works wonders for your immune system and is honestly pretty delicious. Another supplement to take regularly, and up your dosage when you’re feeling a cold coming on.


If you’ve gotten past the “I think I’m getting sick” stage to “I’m definitely sick” stage and feel your throat is burning on fire, scratchy, or it hurts to swallow, these lozenges help soothe all of those symptoms.

olba’s pastille lozenges – these are my personal favorite because the eucalyptus in them makes them so minty that it instantly soothes a dry, scratchy, and sore throat. It can also help with an annoying cough. The extra vitamin C in them is also a plus, and the taste is pretty delish!

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manuka honey drops – not only does manuka honey offer a myriad of health benefits including improving oral health, improve digestive symptoms, and has antifungal and antibacterial properties, it’s amazing at soothing a sore throat. I recently found the brand, Wedderspoon, and am loving their manuka honey drops. They are individually wrapped so you can take a few on the go with you and they taste so sweet and delicious.

turmeric & honey – speaking of honey, another great thing you can do to increase your anti-inflammatory supplements are mixing a few teaspoons of turmeric with honey and then either licking it straight off the spoon or melting it in hot water and either taking it in your tea or taking it like a shot. I personally don’t enjoy the taste of turmeric, so I will do turmeric shots where I put about a tablespoon of turmeric in a cup, add hot water, and down it.


hydration – Obviously, hydration is key when you’re feeling under the weather. It’s truly a miracle how water can cure/solve so many different problems.

One of my favorite beverages besides water to hydrate with is coconut water because it’s so extremely hydrating. It also tastes divine – but beware, there are only TWO coconut water companies that I fux with because besides these two, all of the other brands are lies and are NOT real coconut water.

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Taste Nirvana Coconut Water along with my collection of fave beverages – lemon spindrift and Rebbl drinks

You can tell by the taste. I’m not sure what other shit they’re putting in there, but if your coconut water tastes nothing like coconut water out of a coconut, then you know something is off.

The ONLY brands I will drink are Taste Nirvana and Harmless Harvest. Harmless Harvest is the most expensive, but is of the best quality, so when I want to drink a lot of it, I will buy Taste Nirvana because it’s a lot cheaper and is almost equally as delish.

lemon & ginger w/ hot water – I love ginger so much. My favorite thing to do are ginger shots, but it’s actually hard to find near where I live since we don’t have that many healthy food stores.

You can make your own by buying a thing of ginger at your local grocery store and grating it which releases a lot of the juice. Mix this grated ginger with lemon juice, hot water, and honey if you’d like and it’s the perfect sick tea without any actual tea since caffeine can dry your throat out and isn’t the best for you when you’re sick.

tiger balm – I swear on my life with tiger balm. It has so many different uses. It’s similar to icy hot in that it burns and soothes when you put it on and can help with muscle aches and cramps. I use it for basically everything. I put it on my stomach when I’m having period cramps or stomach aches, on my temples when I have a headache, on my neck and shoulders when I feel tense, on my chest when I have a chest cold and it helps my cough, and when I get sick my lymph nodes tend to swell, so I find the heat helps reduce the swelling and makes it feel better.

I hope some of these supplements will help you if you come down with the common cold and remember that nothing really beats sleep & water.

Stay healthy friends!


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