My Word for December -Celebrate

wowowow, how is it already the last month of the year already?! 2018 has flown by.

December is one of my FAVORITE MONTHS of the whole year mostly because it’s my birthday month (HELLO SAG SEASON) and it’s the holiday time so there is plenty of time off for rest, relaxation, eating, and family time.

My word for this month is celebrate.

It’s time to reap the benefits of everything we have worked so hard for all year long. The time has come to celebrate our accomplishments and truly relax and let go of feeling like we have to do anything.

Savor the feeling of doing nothing. Simply being.

In November, I found myself loving and enjoying the process that I am in. I really feel like I am at the edge of a major energy shift and am continuing to build & create the life of my dreams.

I can truly feel myself on a journey and am learning to savor and be grateful for each step of the way. I used to be so scared of not knowing what was at the end of my path, but this past month I have really enjoyed just “following” those pings and trusting that there is a greater plan for it all.

Honestly, last month felt like the most productive and I am finally feeling like myself again where I am constantly creating and driven to follow all my goals & ideas.

I think part of what has contributed to this shift is definitely doing The Artist’s Way course and signing up for and beginning to take Sahara Rose’s course on the abundance mindset and how to create your own online business.

I’m learning so much from each and am loving being able to invest in myself and my passions and dreams.

I’m just feeling so, so grateful for where I am at in my life right now, which is super interesting because like 3 months ago that was not the case and I was feeling so low & lost.

Speaking of Sag season, I saw this post from Spirit Daughter that perfectly encapsulated what being a Sagittarius means to me. IMG_0267


I am learning to get over my fears of putting my voice out there and sharing my story. I finished a first draft of my one-woman show which is HUGE to me because I had been so afraid of even practicing it for so long.

That being said, this month I will:

  • perform a reading of my one-woman show for an audience at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center
  • Audition & get cast in Next to Normal at Chestnut St. Playhouse
  • Complete Artist’s Way course (weeks 10-12)!
  • ENJOY pleasures of life
  • Spend a relaxing holiday with my loved ones (I’m bringing my boyfriend home for the holidays which feels like a huge adult step and it’s bringing up all these diff feelings for me such as WHERE HAS MY CHILDHOOD GONE?! but I’m looking forward to just being with the people I love)
  • make a clear plan & set intentions for 2019
  • spend time INWARD to reflect & focus on manifestations
  • reap what you have sown ❤

My advice to all of you is to spend this month letting go and allowing  yourself to celebrate your hard work & accomplishments this year while also spending time going inward to think about what you want to manifest for 2019.



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