Vulnerability – a poem

Exposing the Ugly

We keep our ugly hiding in

shameful shadows

in the deepest, darkest depths

in cracks and crevices

pushed deep below the surface.

I only go there in darkness

when I feel I am alone

and come out on the other side

feeling ashamed.

It’s shameful.

I’ve always been one

to cover up my ugly

not with makeup –

no foundation matches the color of

the depth of my pain

the dark desires

 hidden from loved ones

because I’m scared to face

what my uglies are trying

to tell me.

to tell me.

to tell me.


to be brave is to

 reach inside there

and expose your ugly.

shine light

on my darkness

so you can shine light

on your darkness

and feel a little

less alone.

it’s what we call



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